Summer Vaccine FAQs

Have a question about vaccinations for summer 2021? You’ll find the answers here.

How do I submit my proof of vaccination?

Follow the steps outlined in the MSU student health portal to upload proof of your COVID-19 vaccination.

Where can I get vaccinated?

All Montclair State students and employees now can get their COVID-19 vaccine on campus!

Starting May 8, Passaic County will provide the Moderna vaccine on Saturdays, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., at the Center for Clinical Studies, 147 Clove Road, Little Falls, NJ (located next to Lot 60). To register, visit: Registrations are strongly recommended, but walk-ins are also accepted. Additional information can also be found on the Restart website here.

Numerous locations in Essex County also have vaccines readily available. You can find those at the Essex County Covid website. Montclair State University will be hosting vaccine clinics throughout the summer; information will be listed on this page as they become scheduled.

What if I’m an international student and I can’t get vaccinated in my home country before coming to campus in the fall?

Numerous locations in Essex County have vaccines readily available. You can find those at the Essex County Covid website. Montclair State University will be hosting vaccine clinics throughout the summer; information will be listed on this page as they become scheduled.

What if I haven’t started getting my vaccinations yet, or only have one of the required shots (Moderna or Pfizer) – can I still be a summer resident?

You will need to work with the Residence Life staff as you move to become fully vaccinated. As long as you are in progress and have a definitive date for completion of your vaccine schedule, you can remain in your summer housing. If you have not gotten any vaccinations yet, you will need to work with Residence Life staff to find a time and location to get vaccinated ASAP. After June 20, anyone who is not in the process of being fully vaccinated may be asked to leave housing.

Will there be vaccination clinics on campus early this summer so I can get vaccinated?

Yes! If you received your first vaccination on campus on April 27, the 2nd vaccine will be available on Tuesday, May 18 at Panzer Athletic Center. You were given a second appointment when you registered for the first shot. (More details will be posted soon). If you have yet to begin the process of getting vaccinated, there will be additional clinics on campus shortly after that date. Also, Essex County has a plentiful supply of vaccines available at several locations a short distance away. You can sign up for one of them ASAP by going to the county’s website, or calling 973-877-8456.

What if I need a religious or medical exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine?

The same process as Montclair State has used for requesting exemptions from other required immunizations will be used. New Jersey law permits people to refuse a vaccine for medical or religious reasons. The University Health Center website has set up a process for students to file a request for exemption for medical or religious reasons. You will find exemption forms and more information on the University Health Center’s immunizations page. We will send out information regarding how to upload your vaccination proof or how to request an exemption in early May. For more information, go to the University’s Health Center website.

When I am here this summer, will the Student Recreation Center be available for me to use if I am vaccinated or not fully vaccinated?

You will be able to use the Student Recreation Center by either:

  • Providing evidence that you are fully vaccinated or have an exemption approved by the University Health Center)
  • Providing evidence of a negative COVID-19 test in the past 72 hours

We are working right now on an easy way to provide proof of both of these options–stay tuned for more details!

Is this summer session vaccine mandate just for residential students or is it also for commuters?

While we are encourage commuter students to be vaccinated immediately, this summer session mandate is in effect for:

  • Summer session students living in Montclair State housing
  • Summer programs involving residential living for all individuals over the age of 16
  • Summer students involved in high risk programs/majors (regardless whether they are residential or a commuter)

Remember, beginning fall 2021, all students (residential and commuters) are required to be vaccinated or have a valid exemption (approved by the University Health Center). The only students who will not be required to get a vaccination are those enrolled in one of the fully online degree programs listed on this website.

How Can I Tell if I am in a “High Contact” Summer Course that Requires me to be Vaccinated?

Here are the “high contact” courses offered in Summer 2021 for which students must have proof of vaccination.
Last updated: 5/3/21

  • EAES 404
  • CSND 535
  • CSND 553
  • CSND 554
  • CSND 562
  • CSND 599
  • CSND 600
  • CSND 699
  • CSND 700
  • CSND 732
  • CSND 862
  • ARFD 103
  • DNCE 500
  • DNCE 513
  • DNCE 531
  • DNCE 533
  • FILM 265
  • MUED 306
  • MUED 307
  • MUED 308
  • MUED 560
  • MUED 579
  • MUPR 255
  • TVDM 277