Computer Labs

In compliance with the requirements of the State of New Jersey, during Stages 1 and 2 of the public health emergency, Montclair State University closed all of its computer labs. As of August 11, 2020, the State is permitting computer labs to reopen with safeguards in place, and Montclair State will re-open its computer labs by August 25 (the start of fall classes). When the State enters Stage 3, Montclair State will re-open its computer labs with appropriate safeguards in place. All personnel and lab users will be required to wear face coverings, practice social distancing, help keep surfaces clean and sanitized, follow University guidelines to monitor their health and not come to campus if sick. In addition, the following specific measures will be taken.

Operation of Computer Labs

The University’s computer labs will be open for use by students, and all labs will be required to adhere to the protocols specified below.

Designated Hours for High-Risk Individuals

  • The University will establish dedicated hours during which only high-risk individuals may use the labs. Those hours will be published on the lab schedule website.

Social Distancing

  • The number of people allowed in each lab will be set to allow for safe distancing.
  • Computers and furniture will be spaced to ensure that users are at least 6 feet apart.
  • Barriers and shields will be installed on counters and wherever social distancing may be difficult to achieve.
  • Signs will be posted to remind people of the expectations concerning social distancing and use of face coverings, and to designate spacing to help maintain a safe distance, including “Wait Here” signage placed 6 feet from the podium or counters and markers showing 6-foot spacing for queues.
  • Markers will be placed on the tables for easy identification of where the keyboard and monitor should be placed.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Computer labs will be cleaned and sanitized regularly, with special attention to high-touch areas.

  • University Facilities staff will provide general cleaning (sweeping floors, removing trash, etc.) but will not clean computer equipment. All computer cleaning will be done by lab personnel and users.
  • Hand sanitizers will be made available at the door, and everyone will be required to use the sanitizer before entering.
  • Disinfectants will be made available and users will be required to wipe down keyboards, mice, printers and personal work surfaces before and after each use.
  • Lab users and staff (in labs that are staffed) will wipe down desks and countertops regularly.
  • Faculty will be expected to wipe down podium equipment before and after each use.
  • In labs that are staffed, the faculty member or lab staff will log cleaning and usage of equipment.
  • University Facilities staff will monitor and will replenish cleaning supplies as needed.
  • Signage will be posted near the disinfectant stand, providing information on the safe and proper use of the supplies.
  • In order to minimize the amount of food debris and to encourage consistent use of face coverings, food will not be allowed in the computer labs.

Reducing Room Occupancy

  • The University will provide loaner laptops to reduce the need for students to use computer labs.
  • Students will be reminded that they can access the internet by WiFi available throughout all campus buildings and many outside spaces, including parking lots. They will also be reminded that almost all online campus resources are accessible from off-campus.
  • Where feasible, and in all cases where students are approved for remote learning by the Disability Resource Center, the University will provide remote access to software that is normally accessed via the computer labs.
  • The maximum occupancy of each lab will be set to allow for social distancing and will be published on the computer lab website.
  • Students will only be allowed to remain in labs when using computers, printers or other lab equipment.
  • Computers not in service will be removed and stored, or be tagged with a sign indicating they are not to be used, or turned around and unplugged.

Controlling Traffic Flows

  • Directional signage will be placed in each computer lab.
  • Rooms with multiple access points will have doors clearly marked for entrance or exit only, with directional arrows installed to encourage proper traffic flow.
  • Rooms with single access points will have signage reminding users to avoid congestion.
  • Larger spaces will have clear directional signage in aisles.

Last Modified: Monday, August 24, 2020 11:37 am