Visiting Student Information Spring

Please be sure to read and follow the directions contained herein, as they are important for you to have a successful registration.

The registration information online is for students currently enrolled and in good academic standing at a regionally accredited college or university other than Montclair State University.

Undergraduate students (students who have not been awarded a bachelor's degree) must apply online. For information, log on at:

Graduate students must complete the online application (Non-Degree and Visiting Students) and submit official transcripts from their current institution. For information, log on at:

Upon completion and submission of the Visiting Student Application, you will be eligible to register beginning January 15, 2013. Log on to the Web Enrollment Services for Students (WESS) at Visiting students attempting to register prior to January 15, 2013 will not be able to do so.

All new students who have yet to establish a PIN must change their assigned PIN, which is the date of birth on file (mm/dd/yy), to a six-digit number of their choosing.

You should use the convenience of WESS to obtain your schedule, tuition and fee information, and payment instructions. For further BILLING INFORMATION, log on to