Spring 2018 Registration Information

Spring 2018  registration will take place in NEST beginning Monday, November 13. The schedule for registration times can be found on the Spring 2018 Registration calendar page.

We have created some helpful documents below that outline how to navigate through NEST to register when Spring 2018 registration opens.

How To Look Up Classes Instructional Video

We have created a step-by-step instructional video on how to look up classes using the "Look Up Classes" option in NEST. This guide walks you through all the steps from logging into NEST to recording your Course Registration Numbers necessary for registration. Learn more on how to look up classes.

Mandatory Advising

If you are an Undergraduate who is a first-year student, undeclared, on academic action (probation, readmitted from suspension or dismissal), in EOF, athletes confirmed (formerly known as special admit athletes) or an Anthropology or Earth and Environmental Sciences major you are required to meet with your advisor in order to register for classes. Your advisor will be providing you with a PIN that you will use for registration. Find out where to enter this PIN prior to registration. Make sure you select your SPRING 2018 PIN for registration. It will not be the same as your FALL 2017 PIN.

Reading the Class Schedule

You can access the University Schedule of Classes, Spring 2018 under the "Register for Classes” tab at the top of your NEST portal. Learn how to read the class schedule.

Registering for Classes

Once you have met with your academic advisor (Not required but recommended for graduate students), make sure there are no holds on your account and have a plan of action to create your schedule, you are ready to register.  Find out how to register for classes.


Faculty can access a walk-through on how to use Self Service Banner (SSB) to manage their class schedules.

If you have any questions about any of the tutorials, please contact the Registrar's office line: 973-655-4376.

Spring 2018 Registration FAQs

What if you are blocked from repeating a course that you have taken one or more time in prior terms?

Per University Academic Policy, undergraduate students are permitted to repeat a course only in which they have received a final grade of D+, D, D- or F. They are not permitted to repeat a course in which they received a C- or higher without special permission. Graduate students are not permitted to repeat courses without special permission. (Certain “repeatable” courses, like a music lessons, independent studies, coops, special topics courses are exceptions).

For permission to repeat a course for which you have earned a C- or higher, see either the Dean’s Office of the College/School of your major or the Dean’s Office of the College/School in which the course is offered. Graduate students must see the Dean’s Office of the Graduate School.

Please fill out the Request to Repeat an Undergraduate Course Permission Form.

How are Permits handled?

Permits may be issued by Department Chairpersons. Students who wish to obtain a permit to enter a closed course, or a course in which they have not met the pre-req, co-req or other requirements, may visit the appropriate academic department for assistance.

How do I find the PINS? (Students with Mandatory advising ONLY)

Students who are required to have mandatory advising will need a Registration PIN to register. While you are meeting with your advisor, you will receive this PIN. Students will be asked to hold on to this PIN, as they will need it for any future drop/adds or withdrawals from classes. Each semester, a new PIN will be issued and needed for registration. Remember that your SPRING 2018 PIN will be a different pin than that you used for Fall 2017.