Interdisciplinary Awards

Interdisciplinary: strongly involves participation of researchers and ideas from different disciplines

There are four monetary awards available for the best interdisciplinary submissions. Awards will be presented in the categories of “Best Interdisciplinary Poster Presentation “and “Best Interdisciplinary Oral Presentation.” For each category the award will be presented to one undergraduate and one graduate student, respectively.

2014 Award Recipients

Graduate Poster Presentation
Presenter: Robert Moore
Co-authors: Diana Thomas, Steven Heymsfield, Manfred Mueller, Anja Bosy-Westphal, Courtney Peterson
Advisor: Dr. Diana Thomas
Title: What predicts visceral adipose tissue: Trunk shape or trunk size? (A37)
Undergraduate Poster Presentation
Presenter: Anthony Strobolakos
Co-authors: Dajana Borova, Alvin Mercado, Mollie Rosenkrantz, Fady Sidhom
Advisor: Dr. Kirsten Monsen-Collar
Title: Molecular detection of Ranavirus in the northeastern US: The largest Ranavirus screen in North America (A14)
Graduate Oral Presentation
Presenter: Kelly Triece
Co-authors: Natalie Sherwood, Meiyin Wu, Gretchen Fowles, Brian Zarate
Advisor: Dr. Meiyin Wu
Title: Examining wildlife habitats associated with road mortality hotspots in New Jersey
Undergraduate Oral Presentation
Presenter: Sharmin Uddin
Advisor: Dr. Diana Thomas
Title: Does administering different degrees of calorie restriction biweekly improve dietary adherence: A mathematical approach