Poster Information & Requirements

  • Because of the size of the panels where the posters will be displayed, the poster dimensions should not exceed 28.7"W x 40.6"L (Portrait) or 40.6"W x 28.7"L (Landscape). Posters that are 24" x 36" ($10 to print) or 24" x 40" ($15 to print) may be printed at the ADP Center (UN-1140).
  • The ADP Center for Learning Technologies in the College of Education and Human Services (UN 1140) Posters will be printed in the order received with ample time before the event. You will be notified when your poster is available for pick-up. 
  • Please follow the Poster Formatting Guidelines as specified on the ADP Center website. To have your poster printed please complete the Poster Printing Request Form. When submitting the request form please indicate in the comments section that this is a request for the Student Research Symposium. If you have questions on formatting or printing, contact the ADP Center at (973) 655-5220 or
  • If you do not wish to use the ADP center, or miss the deadline, you may print at any off-campus printing center as long as the dimensions are within the stated guidelines. The poster can not exceed 28.7"W x 40.6"L (Portrait) or 40.6"W x 28.7"L (Landscape).