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Experience Living at Montclair State

Experience Living at Montclair State gives the opportunity for non-resident undergraduate or graduate students an opportunity to rent a room at a daily cost to get a sense of being a Red Hawk Resident! You can rent a room during the fall and spring semesters. Renting a space at Montclair State is a flat rate of $45.00 per night, $125 for three (3) days.

Rent a room for one day or up to three (3) days per week, nine (9) nights per month maximum. Depending upon availability, you can rent a single, double or apartment style room. Daily room rentals are a great option for commuter students during inclement weather, high study times, campus activities, and/or personal reasons. Our goal is to give non-resident students the opportunity to experience the benefits of on-campus living.


Experience Living at Montclair State is only eligible to Montclair State University students who are currently enrolled in classes. This includes all Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, 5th Year students, Graduate students, and non-traditional students. Students are eligible to apply for this program during the academic year (September – May). Housing during the summer months is a separate process which can be explained in detail here.

Students who are currently assigned to on-campus housing, or are currently requesting a housing cancellation, are not eligible to participate in this program.


Flat rate for double, single, or apartment style:

  • $45.00 one night
  • $125.00 three-days
  • $15.00 linens rental optional
  • Desk and chair
  • Twin XL bed
  • Drawers
  • Closet area
  • Access to resident spaces including laundry services, residential lounges, and community kitchen spaces.
Booking Policy
  • Students would complete the “Daily Room Rental” request form through Residence Life indicating their dates requested and type of accommodations (if they are requesting linens, bathroom preferences, etc.).
  • Students are limited to three (3) nights in a row and 9 nights in a month.
  • Students must complete form 1 business day prior to request arrival date.
  • Housing Operations team places the student in an available space, uploads them into RMS, and charges their NEST account at the prorated amount.
  • ResLife staff (ADs, CDs, & ACDs) are notified of the student’s arrival.
  • Student receives a confirmation email about their approved dates/spaces and is directed to the front desk to check-in.
  • Students must have a valid Montclair State University ID Card.
  • Room reservations may ONLY be made a semester at a time.
  • All cancellations must be made within 1 business day to arrival via email to the Office of Residence Life. (Students who fail to check-in will not be charged for first consequence. If a student books a space and does not show up after that point, the student will be charged).
Room Policy
  • Students may start check-in at 12 noon and must check out by 12 noon on their check-out date. All students are encouraged to check in Monday-Friday in the event that additional services are to be provided.
  • Community damage billing applies to students who are checked in a specific community during the time said damage occurs. All appeals for potential damage billing are submitted through the neighborhood Assistant Directors for review.
  • The space is to be kept neat and tidy during the time it is occupied by a student in this program. All linens are to be turned to the front desk upon checking out of their space. Failure to return linens will result in a $30 fee.
  • During the time of their stay in the residence halls, students are responsible for abiding by the terms and agreements of the Resident Community Living Guide and the living requirements of the specific area in which they are staying (i.e., students who are 21+ and are checking into the Village apartments must follow the alcohol possession policy for their space).
  • Students who violate campus policy during their stay in the residence halls, and are responsible for violations the conduct process, may be ineligible for further participation in the program.
  • Room changes requested during a student’s stay will be addressed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • No guests are permitted into rooms rented through this program.
Parking Policy

Students who must park their cars must have a valid parking permit and purchase overnight pass using Pay-By-Phone.


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