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New Student Housing Selection Process

New Student Housing Selection Process

If you would like to be considered for University housing for the upcoming academic year, please read this information packet carefully. If securing housing is important for you, please make a note of all the dates in this information packet. If you fail to meet any deadlines, or if you miss any steps listed throughout the room selection process, you may be unable to secure housing for the 2019-2020 academic year.

As the demand for housing escalates, students will increase their chances of obtaining housing if they pre-qualify by paying their $300 non-refundable housing application fee. The deadline date to do so is Wednesday, May 1, 2019, to Student Accounts in Red Hawk Central or via your NEST account online. Application fees may be submitted after May 1. Please note participation in the housing selection process is not guaranteed if the deposit is submitted after the May 1 deadline. Our staff will communicate with students based on the availability of spaces. Our goal is to provide housing for those students who are requesting it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Please note that when selecting and accepting a room assignment, you are making a legally binding contractual commitment for both the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters.

For the most up-to-date housing information, please review our website here. If you have any further questions, you may visit our central office in Bohn Hall 4th Floor, send an email to, or contact us at 973-655-5188.

Eligibility Information

General Eligibility: Any student wishing to participate in the Priority Room Selection process for the 2019-2020 academic year must have paid all new student acceptance fees and have paid the 2019-2020 housing application fee of $300 by May 1, 2019.

  • All applicants must pay a $300 non-refundable housing application fee by Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Make checks payable to “Montclair State University,” and bring or mail this payment to the Student Account’s Office at Red Hawk Central, Montclair State University, 1 Normal Ave. Montclair, NJ 07043. Cash, personal check, credit card or money order is accepted. Please be sure to write your Montclair State CWID on your check.
  • Students may also pay their housing application fee via NEST utilizing a credit card or e-Check.
  • Housing application fees received after Wednesday, May 1, 2019, will not be eligible for priority room selection. Students will be contacted with further instructions about either selecting housing and/or submitting preferences. If your housing application fee is not received by the deadline, eligibility is not guaranteed in the priority housing selection process. Paying your housing deposit fee after the May 1st deadline does not guarantee housing, however, our office will place students as spaces become available.
  • Residence accommodations are available only to fully accepted students of the University enrolled in a degree-granting program. Priority is given to undergraduate students registered for and maintaining 12 or more credits per semester.
  • The Village Credit Hour Requirement: In order to be eligible to live in The Village, undergraduate students must have completed 50+ credit hours at the completion of the spring semester or transferred and accepted credits that reflect in the student’s NEST account.
  • Hawk Crossings Credit Hour Requirement: In order to be eligible to live in Hawk Crossings, students must have completed 30+ credit hours at the completion of the spring semester.
  • Frank Sinatra Hall Credit Hour Requirement: In order to be eligible to live in Frank Sinatra Hall, students must have completed 24 + credit hours at the completion of the spring semester.

Meningitis Immunization: Any student living in Montclair State University Campus housing must also present proof of immunization against meningitis (serogroups A, C, W and Y. Common vaccine name – Menactra or Menevo), in addition to full-time student immunization requirements. The vaccine must be administered on, or after, the student’s 16th birthday. Failure to present documentation of updated meningitis immunization may result in expulsion from campus housing until the requirement is met. For more information on Immunization requirements, visit the University Health Center.

Special Accommodations: If you are requesting special accommodations, you must submit documentation clearly stating your diagnosis, functional limitations, professional credentials of the evaluator and specific accommodations by May 11, 2019. Spaces are limited, and we cannot guarantee roommate preference(s).  All information submitted is strictly confidential.  Documentation should be forwarded to: Montclair State University, Disability Resource Center, Webster Hall 105, 1 Normal Ave. Montclair, NJ 07043, 973-655-5431. Medical Accommodation Request Form.

The Housing Selection Process

The Residence License and Dining Services Agreement is a legally binding agreement. Once you confirm the acceptance of the space that you are assigned to, you are committed to campus housing and a meal plan (if applicable) for the entire 2019-2020 academic year. Prior to room selection, a student must enter the RMS system and electronically sign the Residence License and Dining Services Agreement. Students will be unable to participate in room selection if they do not electronically sign the agreement. Students will have 5 business days from the day in which they self-select or are pulled into a bed space to cancel their housing. All cancellation requests must be submitted via an online request on our Cancelation Request Webpage. Students will receive an email to their Montclair State University email confirming their cancellation and forfeit of their housing application fee. After those 5 business days, students will be held financially responsible for that bed space for the entire academic year (fall and spring). If a student is under the age of 18 years old as of June 1, 2019, you will need a co-signature from a parent or guardian for the housing agreement and to complete the housing selection process.

General New Student Room Selection: New students who pay all deposits by deadline date will be eligible to select their space. The RMS system will assign eligible new students a selection time, which will be emailed to you during the week of June 3rd. Selection times are determined by the student’s housing deposit payment date. You will be given a 30-minute window of time in which to sign into RMS. You will then be able to select a bed space throughout campus. If you miss your initial date/time for housing selection, you will be able to log into RMS until the end of our process on June 13 at 6:00 pm. A general room selection tutorial will be added to our website in mid-May!

If you do not receive an assignment time email by June 5th, at noon please contact our main office via email at General Room Selection will occur from June 11, 2019, through June 13, 2019, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm and is done completely online.

Roommate Selection: Once you determine who you plan to live with and whom the designated person will be to select your bed spaces for the room/suite/apartment that you would prefer to reside in, it is that designated person’s responsibility to complete the process for all individuals involved. Once the spaces are selected, students will not be able to re-enter the system to select a different space. Please pay close attention to the suite, room or apartment you have chosen. You will be billed according to your selection.  All selections are final.

*Please note if you are allowing a proxy to select and confirm a space on your behalf for the 2019-2020 academic year, you must first enter the RMS system prior to your selection time and electronically sign the Residence License and Dining Services Agreement and create a roommate code.

Want to be pulled-in? Need to create a Roommate Code

  • Log onto
  • Enter your NetID and Password
  • Select “CODE”
  • Enter a 4-digit CODE
  • Select “Finish”

Residence Life does not have the ability to view your CODE.  You MUST remember your CODE number. In the event that you forget your CODE, you can reset it by repeating the steps above. Please only give your CODE to your desired roommate.

Meal Plans: Students residing on campus in one of the Traditional Residence Halls are required to purchase a valid Residence Hall meal plan. Students who have less than 30 earned credits are only eligible for the two Unlimited meal plans (Unlimited + $250 Flex and Unlimited + $500 Flex). The Unlimited meal plans grant you constant access into the two dining halls, Sam’s Place and Freeman Dining Hall, with the addition of Flex Dollars that you can use at on-campus dining locations like Chili’s and Dunkin Donuts.

Students residing in Frank Sinatra Hall are able to select any of the Residence Hall Meal Plans regardless of the number of credits earned.

Students residing in Hawk Crossings or The Village Apartments are exempt from the meal plan requirement; however, students who choose to take a meal plan will have the option to do so through Dining Services. Students can select a meal plan from the Residence Hall Meal Plans or from the Voluntary and Commuter Meal Plans.

Students also choose to enhance their purchasing options with our off-campus merchants, bookstore, and health center, by adding funds to their Red Hawk Dollar account. The Red Hawk Dollars program is a convenient, pre-paid debit account designed for the University community (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) to make purchases on campus using their Montclair State University ID Card.$1.00 US dollar equals 1 Red Hawk Dollar. For more information and details about the program, visit the Red Hawk Dollars webpage!

For more information on Meal Plans, purchasing options, and dining options, visit Montclair State Dining!

Special Interest Housing

A number of Special Interest Housing accommodations will be offered for the 2019-2020 academic year. Below are brief descriptions of the communities and the person or office, with an email to contact, if you are interested in learning more about that community. All students interested must meet the criteria for specific buildings and must be eligible for housing. The application for Special Interest Living Communities will be available on our website here on May 6, 2019. Students must complete the application by June 1, 2019. Students who request Special Interest Living will be notified after June 1stabout specific placement instructions and their acceptance into the Special Interest Living Community.

College of Science and Math Living Community (CSAM)

Any student majoring in any of the disciplines in the Department of Biology/Molecular Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Earth and Environmental Studies, Computer Science or Mathematics/Physics are eligible to apply to be a part of this community housed on the 4th floors of Einstein Hall and Basilone Hall of The Heights. This SILC is committed to creating an environment for residents that is conducive to learning and promoting personal, intellectual, social and academic growth. The goals of the CSAM floor area: academic success, development of community, and teamwork through social and educational activities. There will be meals with CSAM faculty, opportunities to speak with guests, visiting lecturers, and field trips.

Global Living Community (GLC)

The Global Living Community (GLC) is a residential community of International and American students at Montclair State. Any student with at least 50 credits, who is interested in learning about the traditions and customs of students from a variety of countries, should think about applying to be a part of this living community in The Village at Little Falls. American students in this program will be expected to assist in the transitional issues faced by international students (i.e. orientation to campus life, Montclair, and its surrounding communities). In exchange, the international students will be expected to share with the American students the customs and culture from their native lands. Consideration will be given to American students who express interest in living with an international student of a specific culture or who speak a foreign language. Faculty/staff advisors to the GLC will be represented by the Office of International Engagement, Counseling and Psychological Services, Foreign Language faculty and other relevant faculty and advisors possessing the intercultural living skill. For more information about living in the GLC, please contact Dawn Wilkenfeld with the Office of International Engagement at

Honors Living Community (HLC)

Any student who is an active member of the University’s Honors Program is eligible. The HLC is designed to provide the advantages of a small liberal arts college within the larger dynamic university community. The HLC provides a core curriculum of seminar s and elective courses that fulfill general education requirements while working to establish a lively and creative community for its students and faculty. The HLC will be housed on the 3rd floors of Barton and Gordon Halls in The Heights, provides an environment that is intended to be conducive to learning and to promoting personal, intellectual, social and academic growth. The goals of this residential community are to promote academic success along with a sense of collaboration, discovery and teamwork through a number of social and educational activities. There will be special opportunities for residential students to meet individually with Honors faculty, take part in special seminars, dinners and lunches, and participate in off-campus concerts, lectures and field trips.

Arts Interdisciplinary Living Community (AILC)

Comprised of students majoring in art & design, music, theatre, dance, broadcasting and/or communication studies, the AILC occupies floors in the Freeman Residence Hall on the south end of the campus – just across from the Cali School of Music and a few minutes’ walk from all of the college’s visual arts and performance facilities. But AILC is not just about convenience. It is about students with creative and multidisciplinary interests living together, sharing their passions and challenges, and discovering their common ground.

Stonewall Suites: LGBTQA Living Learning Community

Stonewall Suites is Montclair State University’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning and allied (LGBTQA) living community. This community was established in 2010 and continues to provide students with a comfortable living and learning experience, where residents are placed without consideration of gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation. Stonewall Suites seeks to connect students interested in supporting and educating themselves and their community about LGBTQA and other social justice issues. Those living in Stonewall Suites work to connect their experiences or theory they learn in the classroom with opportunities for student involvement through Residential Life and the LGBTQ Center. This community is located in Parker and Whitman Halls.

Business Living-Learning Community: Provides Students with a Business Advantage

If you are a School of Business student and want to take the first step in ensuring success in your career, then the Business Living-Learning Community (BLLC) is for you. The BLLC provides School of Business students the opportunity to participate in various experiential learning and community activities with faculty, staff, and business representatives of interest to business students. The BLLC is a great way for residential students to connect with other students with similar interests and/or majors, support each other inside and outside the classroom, and build lasting friendships from living and taking classes together.

Students living in this community can expect an environment that focuses on exploring the different majors and careers associated with the business world. Students can expect activities that promote academic success, such as math tutoring and review sessions with faculty members. For freshman students, the BLLC provides an increased ability to cope with first year challenges, allowing for a more successful transition to demanding upper level coursework. The Business Living-Learning Community is in Blanton Hall. For more information about living in the Business Living Learning Community, please contact the Office of Residence Life

Wellness Community

Partnering with the Office of Health Promotion and Counseling and Psychological Services the Office of Residence Life is pleased to offer a community for students to develop an understanding of mind, body, and spirit through a wide range of wellness programs. This community will house both upper-class and new students. Programs will cover areas such as nutrition, fitness, sexual health, alcohol, and other drugs. If you are interested in making healthier decisions and improving the quality of your time here at Montclair look into the Wellness Community. Substance-free means that all residents agree to keep the influences of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs out of their community. Please note – ALL Montclair State University residence halls are drug and smoke free, and all residence halls are designated as alcohol free except The Village at Little Falls. The Wellness Living-Learning Community is in Russ Hall. For more information about living in the Wellness Living Learning Community, please contact the Office of Residence Life

Residents in Recovery

Residents in Recovery is an on campus living community designed to assist students in recovery from alcohol and other drugs. Students are provided with the academic, developmental and recovery support necessary to succeed in higher education while living in an abstinence-based community.

College of Education and Human Services Living Community

Any student majoring in any of the disciplines in the departments of: Counseling and Educational Leadership; Early Childhood, Elementary and Literacy Education; Educational Foundations; Exercise Science and Physical Education; Family Science and Human Development, Nutrition and Food Studies; Public Health and Secondary and Special Education are eligible to apply to be a part of this community housed in Machuga Heights. This residential community supports the College of Education and Human Services commitments to:

  • Academic excellence in teaching and learning
  • Local and national presence and impact through outreach, service, and meaningful scholarship that make a difference in people’s lives
  • Innovation and responsiveness to changes and developments in our communities, students, and disciplines
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice
  • A collegial community which seeks to foster the health and well-being of all its members and in which everyone feels valued, respected, and encouraged to grow and develop.

The community director and resident assistant(s) affiliated with this community will partner with faculty and staff to create a dynamic, engaging environment with learning and social opportunities that support and complement the curriculum.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Living Community

The mission of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is to “provide academically rigorous and relevant programs of study that contribute to the development of an informed and engaged civil society.” Students from the over 20 majors housed within CHSS will have the opportunity to live the mission and extend their learning beyond the classroom in this residential community. Advising opportunities, social events, service projects, and connections with faculty and staff will take place within the residence hall.

How to Apply: All students approved to live in one of our Special Interest Housing areas will receive an email with instructions about room selection. Some students will be able to self-assign themselves into a bed space. To apply for any of these communities, students must complete the provided form by June 1, 2019. Your name will then be submitted to the coordinator of that Living Learning Community for approval. You will receive an email from the Office of Residence Life office by June 5, 2019, on the status of your application. If you have been approved for a learning community, you will be given a specific date and time to access the RMS System. You can only pull in other students that have been approved to live in that Living Learning Community. If you are not approved for this community you will also be notified so that you can take part in the General Room Selection process.

Important FAFSA Information

The 2019-2020 FAFSA is now available. Students can use the IRS data retrieval tool on the FAFSA website, to assist with completing the form. The tool will link directly to the IRS and import the information from a filed Federal tax return directly into the FAFSA. Because of new Federal regulations for the verification process, students are encouraged to complete the FAFSA as early as possible and to use the IRS data retrieval tool. The earlier a FAFSA is filed, the more time a student has to request the appropriate verification documents, if necessary, and get their account settled for Fall 2019 move -in. If a student delays in completing the FAFSA and in submitting verification documents, they may have a delay when they move-in. For further information regarding financial aid, the FAFSA and verification, please visit the Financial Aid office in Red Hawk Central, call at 973-655-4461 or visit their webpage at

Important Building Information

Located at both the north and south ends of campus, Montclair State University residential facilities offer a variety of buildings that allow students different living style options. The facilities include traditional double-loaded corridors and suite-style arrangements as well as apartment communities. Each residence facility has its own personality as determined not only by its physical structure but also by the staff and the people who live there.

Each residence hall is self-contained with its own lounges, recreation areas, study rooms and a variety of services. In addition to this, each student’s room is equipped with the basic amenities-beds, dressers, closets, desks, chairs, and draperies. Residents are strongly encouraged to bring personal items from home and decorate to give the space its own special character. Additional information about our residence halls can be found on our website here:

Bohn Hall

Capturing a scenic view of the New York City skyline, Bohn Hall’s 16 floors house a resident community of approximately 500 students. Residents live in traditional rooms and share a community bathroom within gender-specific wings on each floor. Approximately two Resident Assistants live on every floor and Service Assistants keep the front desk operational 24 hours a day.

Bohn Hall is not air conditioned, however, the building is heated and all windows were replaced in 2018. There are hydration stations on each floor, a community kitchen and lounge, and free laundry on each floor.

In RMS, Bohn Hall will have the below designations and codes:

  • BO-SINGLE – Bohn Single Room (1 person)
  • BO-DOUBLE – Bohn Double Room (2 people)
  • BO-TRIPLE – Bohn Triple Room (3 People)
  • BO-QUAD – Bohn Quad Room (4 People – larger square footage)

Blanton Hall

Blanton Hall, one of the largest of the residence halls, was built in the early 1980s and is designed to promote a comfortable living environment. This five-story building houses nearly 650 residents in suites of adjoining rooms with central air conditioning, connected by a bathroom.

Each residential floor consists of four wings. Each wing houses approximately 44 residents. Four Resident Assistants supervise each floor. A Resident Assistant lives on each wing. The front desk area is staffed by Service Assistants. There is a large lounge are on the first floor with a brand-new community kitchen.

In RMS, Blanton Hall will have the below designations and codes:

  • BL-SINGLE – Blanton Single Room (1 person)
  • BL-DOUBLE – Blanton Double Room (2 people)
  • BL-TRIPLE – Blanton Triple Room (3 People)

Frank Sinatra Hall

Frank Sinatra Hall (also known as Sinatra Hall) is one of Montclair State University’s newest residence halls. It opened in Fall 2010 and is located along Clove Road on the western edge of the campus. Sinatra Hall is a six-story residential facility containing 303 beds. Sinatra Hall is a suite style and has up to 7 students in one suite. Bedrooms are divided within the suite and those students will share 2 bathrooms.

Sinatra Hall has central air conditioning and a common lounge and community kitchen on the first floor. Students must have at least 24 credits to live in this building.

In RMS, Frank Sinatra Hall will have the below designations and codes:

  • SI-SINGLE – Sinatra Single Room (1 person)
  • SI-DOUBLE – Sinatra Double Room (2 people)
  • SI-TRIPLE – Sinatra Triple Room (3 People)

Freeman Hall

Freeman Hall is located near the University entrance on the southeast corner of the campus. Montclair State University Alumna, Grace Freeman, for whom the building was named, made it possible for this residence hall to be constructed in 1963.

Freeman Hall houses approximately 260 residents in suite-style arrangements with two rooms sharing a bathroom. Freeman Hall is not air conditioned. One Resident Assistant resides on each of the seven floors and the front desk is staffed by Service Assistants 24 hours a day.

In RMS, Freeman Hall will have the below designations and codes:

  • FR-SINGLE – Freeman Single Room (1 person)
  • FR-DOUBLE – Freeman Double Room (2 people)
  • FR-TRIPLE – Freeman Triple Room (3 People)
  • FR-QUAD – Freeman Quad Room (4 people – larger square footage)

Hawk Crossings

Housing 350 upperclassmen, Hawk Crossings is a garden apartment community at the western edge of campus. Freshmen are not assigned to the apartment communities. Each apartment accommodates four students with a kitchen, living/dining area, two bedrooms, and full bath. All apartments are individually heated and contain window air conditioning units.

A residence dining meal plan is not required for those living in the apartment communities. Shuttle bus service is provided for easy access throughout the campus community. Eight Resident Assistants oversee the three buildings that makeup Hawk Crossings. A designated apartments are located on the first floor of the complex. B and C designated apartments are located on the second floor of the complex and are duplex style apartments (2 floors).

In RMS, Hawk Crossings will have the below designations and codes:

  • HC-DOUBLE – Hawk Crossings Double (2 people to a room / 4 people to an apartment)

The Heights

The Heights, Montclair State University’s newest residence halls complex, opened in Fall 2011. The Heights are the first public-private partnership to be initiated under the 2009 NJ Economic Stimulus Act, and are located at the north end of campus. The Heights complex include Dinallo Heights and Machuga Heights. Both offer double or single suite style options, a community lounge, centralized laundry room, and a community kitchen.

Dinallo Heights is comprised of four individual halls: John Basilone Hall (BAS)(Single Suites), Albert Einstein Hall (EIN)(Double Rooms), Nellie Parker Hall (PAR)(Single Suites), and Walt Whitman Hall (WHI)(Double Rooms).

Machuga Heights is comprised of four individual halls: Clara Barton Hall (BAR)(Double Rooms), Althea Gibson Hall (GIB)(Double Rooms), William Gordon Hall (GOR)(Single Suites), and Sam Mills Hall (MIL)(Double Rooms). Machuga also houses one of our two dining facilities, Sam’s Place.

In RMS, The Heights will have the below designations and codes:

  • HGT-SINGLE – Heights Single Room (1 person per bedroom/2 people in the suite)
  • HGT-DOUBLE – Heights Double Room (2 people)

Russ Hall

Russ Hall was built in 1915 and served as the first residential facility of the State Normal School at Montclair, now, of course, known as Montclair State University. Converted at one point to an administrative building and then later renovated back to a residence hall, Russ Hall provides suite-style accommodations for approximately 100 students. Russ Hall has central air conditioning.

There are approximately two Resident Assistants living on each floor and a 24-hour staff of Service Assistants at the front desk.

In RMS, Russ Hall will have the below designations and codes:

  • RU-SINGLE – Russ Single Room (1 person)
  • RU-DOUBLE – Russ Double Room (2 people)
  • RU-TRIPLE – Russ Triple Room (3 People)

Stone Hall

Constructed in 1955, Stone Hall remains Montclair State’s oldest continuous residential community. This 140-bed traditional facility houses students on gender-specific floors. Five Resident Assistants supervise Stone Hall in a small setting that inspires community spirit. Stone Hall has central air-conditioning and community bathrooms on each floor and in each wing that are gender specific.

The Stone Hall Community enjoys the use of a large recreation lounge on the main floor. With close proximity to Blanton and Bohn, Stone Hall residents can easily interact with the rest of the campus community on the outdoor quad area.

In RMS, Stone Hall will have the below designations and codes:

  • ST-SINGLE – Stone Single Room (1 person)
  • ST-DOUBLE – Stone Double Room (2 people)
  • ST-TRIPLE –Stone Triple Room (3 People)

The Village

On the northwest corner of campus sits The Village at Little Falls, an 848-bed apartment-style complex consisting of four residential buildings (Count Basie Hall, Millicent Fenwick Hall, Alice Paul Hall, William Carlos Williams Hall) and an administrative building (Abbott and Costello building). Each residential building has five stories, accommodating approximately 43 residents and a Resident Assistant on every floor. Each individual apartment accommodates approximately four residents, has central air conditioning. The complex also has a half basketball court, a laundry facility on every floor, and an outdoor pool. Students must have at least 50 credits to live in The Village.

In RMS, The Village will have the below designations and codes:

  • AP-SINGLE – Alice Paul Single Room (1 person)
  • AP-DOUBLE – Alice Paul Double Room (2 people)
  • CB-SINGLE – Count Basie Single Room (1 person)
  • CB-DOUBLE – Count Basie Double Room (2 people)
  • MF-SINGLE – Millicent Fenwick Single Room (1 person)
  • MF-DOUBLE – Millicent Fenwick Double Room (2 people)
  • WW-SINGLE – William Williams Single Room (1 person)
  • WW-DOUBLE – William Williams Double Room (2 people)