Men of Excellence Special Interest Living

Why should I apply?

First year male students residing on the Men of Excellence (ME) floor, which is a part of the First Year Connections Living Community (FYC) in Bohn Hall, will have the opportunity to explore, experience, define, and interpret their male identity while building and fostering a vibrant living community. 

Students of the this floor will be provided with opportunities to build relationships and connections with peers within their community by engaging in meaningful conversations, programs, and workshops related to respect, diversity, academics, the college experience, leadership, sex, identity, religion/spirituality, civic engagement, and gender.

While the community is supported by the First Year Connections Living Community’s academic and connection focus, this particular community will additionally focus on character development, community building, and brotherhood.

Where will I live?

Machuga Heights

How do I get more information?

For more information about ME, please contact the Office of Residential Education and Services at