Two students sitting in CSAM having a discussion.

College of Science and Mathematics

Why Should I Apply?

Any student majoring in any of the disciplines in the Department of Biology/Molecular Biology, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Earth and Environmental Studies, Computer Science or Mathematics/Physics is eligible to apply to be a part of this community housed in Einstein and Basilone Halls. This College Themed Community is committed to creating an environment for residents that is conducive to learning and promoting personal, intellectual, social and academic growth.

The goals of the CSAM floor area: academic success, development of community, and teamwork through social and educational activities.

There will be meals with CSAM faculty, opportunities to speak with guests, visiting lecturers, and field trips.

Where Will I Live?

Dinallo Heights, Einstein and Basilone Halls

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information about this special interest community, please contact Residence Life at