The exterior of the Village apartments from a bird's eye view.

Global Living Community

Why Should I Apply?

The Global Living Community (GLC) is a residential community of International and American students at Montclair State University. Any student with at least 50 credits, who are interested in learning about the traditions and customs of students from a variety of countries, should think about applying to be a part of this living community in The Village at Little Falls.

American students in this program will be expected to assist in the transitional issues faced by international students (i.e. orientation to campus life, Montclair, and its surrounding communities). In exchange, the international students will be expected to share with the American students the customs and culture from their native lands. Consideration will be given to American students who express interest in living with an international student of a specific culture or who speaks a foreign language.

Faculty/staff advisors to the GLC will be represented by the Office of International Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, Foreign Language faculty and other relevant faculty and advisors possessing the intercultural living skill.

Where Will I Live?

The Village

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information about living in the GLC you can contact Dawn Wilkenfeld with the Office of International Engagement at