Students lounging in CSAM on their laptops studying and talking.

Honors Living

Why Should I Apply?

Any student who is an active member of the university’s Honors Program is eligible. The HLC is designed to provide the advantages of a small liberal arts college within the larger dynamic university community.

The HLC provides a core curriculum of seminars and elective courses that fulfill general education requirements, while working to establish a lively and creative community for its students and faculty. The Heights, where HLC will be housed, provides an environment that is intended to be conducive to learning and to promoting personal, intellectual, social and academic growth.

The goals of this residential community are to promote academic success along with a sense of collaboration, discovery and teamwork through a number of social and educational activities. There will be special opportunities for residential students to meet individually with Honors faculty, take part in special seminars, dinners and lunches, and participate in off-campus concerts, lectures and field trips.

Where Will I Live?

The Heights

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information about living in the HLC, please contact Lee Behlman at