Aerial view of Russ Hall from an above angle.

Wellness Community

Why Should I Apply?

Partnering with the Office of Health Promotion and Counseling and Psychological Services the Office of Residence Life is pleased to offer a community for students to develop an understanding of mind, body, and spirit through a wide range of wellness programs. This community will house both upper-class and new students. Programs will cover areas such as nutrition, fitness, sexual health, alcohol, and other drugs. If you are interested in making healthier decisions and improving the quality of your time here at Montclair look into the Wellness Community.

Substance-free means that all residents agree to keep the influences of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs out of their community.

Please note – ALL Montclair State University residence halls are drug and smoke free, and all residence halls are designated as alcohol free except the Village at Little Falls.

Member Expectations:

  1. Encourage healthy living to all Wellness Community students by role modeling wellness behaviors on campus, in the building, and participate in hall programming.
  2. Abstain from consuming alcohol, using controlled substances and tobacco on the floor or returning to the floor.
  3. Engage in a healthy lifestyle centered on the six dimensions of wellness which are physical, social, emotional, intellectual, financial and spiritual.
  4. Maintain the integrity of the community by insuring that my guests will not be in possession of nor under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol.
  5. Be actively involved in program selection, development and implementation for the community.
  6. Contribute to a positive living environment by being active and visible in the hall community.
  7. Share the responsibility of confronting and/or reporting any behavior that does not meet wellness guidelines.

‌Where Will I Live?

Russ Hall will host the Wellness Community and is an ideal location for this community.

How Do I Get More Information?

For more information about living in the Wellness Community, please contact  the Office of Residence Life