The Mediation Resource Center's mascot, a smiling yellow cartoon character.

For Our Staff

Welcome RAs and CDs

We at the Mediation Resource Center hope to be a support to you as you work with your residents to successfully resolve conflicts and build strong and healthy communities.

Please contact us at to set up an appointment with our mediators.

Mediators will be available to help brainstorm ways to address certain conflicts and issues in your building/hall. You can also talk to us about collaboration on events and programs that will help your students to de-stress, learn communication skills and strategies for conflict resolution, or discuss challenging issues they face in living in community.

Please stop by and get to know us!

Referring Residents

Please keep the MRC in mind if you feel that some of your residents could benefit from mediation. Students can contact the MRC at

Programming and Collaboration

Not only can we provide mediation for roommate issues, we also can:

  • hold events in your residence hall about topics like living together well, effective communication, listening, etc..
  • collaborate with you on putting together programs that you think would benefit your specific residents on the current ‘hot issues’ that they face
  • put on fun social events that help your residents de-stress, deal with common issues, and grow in their abilities to work out conflict in community
  • hold walk-in hours in your residence hall to make it easier for your residents to seek help

If interested in seeing how we can work together on putting together programs for your residence hall, feel free to emails us at or stop by during our office hours. You can also call us at 973-655-4660.