Three staff members of RYTE Institute looking at document.

Inspire>Aspire Project

With funding from the John Templeton Foundation, RYTE Institute conducted a process evaluation and pilot outcome evaluation of Inspire>Aspire: Global Citizens in the Making Values Poster program (I>A). This program was developed by Character Scotland and is a promising character development program that has reached over 200,000 youth across the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries. The fundamental purpose of I>A is the translation of inspiration into transformative and enduring aspiration by asking youth to reflect on their life experience and research inspirational figures. This includes reflecting on their personal values and qualities as active, confident individuals; connected, responsible citizens; sustainable, effective contributors; and flourishing successful learners. A systems evaluation approach was used to conduct a thorough program review in order to articulate a detailed and testable theory of change. As part of the process evaluation of I>A, RYTE Institute measured implementation variability and piloted measures of key outcome variables such as future-mindedness, goal setting and selection and purpose. The RYTE Institute team conducted student and teacher interviews, collected, processed and analyzed survey data, and developed an evaluation plan for the next iteration of the I>A program.