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SCM Launches New Student-Produced Newscast

Montclair News Lab marks the first University program to air on Montclair’s Local Access Channel

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Feature image for SCM Student-produced Newscast.

On Friday, February 9, the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University will premiere Montclair News Lab, the university’s first student-produced 15-minute newscast. The program will air on Montclair’s local access Channel 34. Filmed every Friday in Studio A in the School, the program is anchored by senior journalism majors, Madison Glassman (pictured above on the right) and Lataya Rothmiller (pictured on the left). The program’s focus on delivering compelling stories from on and off campus will serve to foster connectivity between the town and university as well as provide real-world experience to the students involved.

The weekly newscast will be a showcase for all the media brands within SCM, including the university’s newspaper, The Montclarion; radio station, WMSC; and live on-campus news program, Carpe Diem. Some of the school’s public relations students are also helping promote the endeavor. All outlets and their student-led staff will be collaborating alongside Montclair News Lab and the broadcast’s executive producers, Georgia Salvaryn and Alexandra Clark, to collaborate and link their biggest hyperlocal stories revolving around the university campus and Montclair Township.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to showcase their work on a professional media outlet. They’re not playing these roles, they’re performing them: producing, writing, anchoring, assignment editing, producing pieces. This is the best example I can think of for hands-on work,” stated Mark Effron, who serves as the news lab coordinator and professor of television and digital media in the School.