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SCM Students Visit The New York Times

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SCM Students at The New York Times

SCM students took a little class trip last week to visit the headquarters of The New York Times. Professor Lyndsay Christian organized the excursion as part of the Writing for the Media undergraduate course she teaches. Christian coordinated the visit to The New York Times via her friend and sorority sister, Nikita Stewart, a reporter who covers social services.

The visit started with a tour of the NYT Pulitzer Hall. Students perused award-winning published stories. Nikita engaged students in an intimate conversation about her day-to-day as a journalist – pitching/conceptualizing stories, gathering data, finding resources, etc. She covered the gamut, which was so insightful.  Theodore Kim, Director of Internships and Fellowships, advised the group about programs for undergraduate students and the application criteria. The grand finale was the opportunity to observe the 4:30 pm editorial meeting process. Editors reviewed stories in the queue for publishing, current events and previewed artwork for today’s front page.

Student Madison Everett was so inspired and sent this email moments after they departed: “Today was so much fun and very educational, cannot thank my professor enough for taking the time out of her schedule and setting that up for the class. I definitely got an insight into what it would be like to write when I am older and made me more intrigued to look further into travel journalism. So excited for the rest of the semester with my professor and hope to learn a lot!