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Girls in Sports Day Kicks off its Annual Event

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Girls Sports Day

On February 1, Girls in Sports Day Kicked off its annual event to celebrate, educate and inspire young girls who are interested in sports. More important, the Montclair State student athletes who mentored the girls, inspired and motivated those who attended. Between 30-50 girls from all over New Jersey and ranging from the ages of 6-12 gathered at MSU’s Recreation Center to be introduced to a variety of sports such as Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Soccer, and Volleyball. The lessons were taught by Montclair State’s very own female student athletes.  The annual event encourages girls who might be interested in pursuing sports or a career in sports. Involvement with sports at a young age can lead to a healthier lifestyle, unique team and leadership experiences, and academic gains for young girls.

“Boys have been always perceived at being better at sports than girls,” stated SCM Professor Stacey Gitlin, who was involved with the planning of the event. “Women are always told to pursue different career paths. These days it’s about saying you don’t have to be an athlete, but you can try it out and see if you like it.”

Professor Gitlin also maintains that the same opportunities for male athletes can be inaccessible to female athletes, even if they play the same sports. “Not too long ago, women didn’t have the same opportunities.” According to Gitlin, one of the overarching goals for the event was to encourage young girls to feel empowered and inspire them if they’re interested in sports.