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SCM Students Heading to Scotland

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Scotland Landscape

“Scotland is an incredibly beautiful country with a rich history that is very much tied to the US. While there are many cultural differences, a common language makes it easy to communicate and interact with other students and the local community,” proclaims School of Communication and Media (SCM) Professor David Sanders. This summer, students will be given a summer study abroad opportunity in Scotland through SCM. Professor Sanders will oversee the trip.

“The trip was inspired by the partnership that developed during the Leaders of the World conference organized by the Office of International Engagement last semester,” states Sanders. Montclair State University hosted the event and partnered with The Julliard School, Edge Hill University in Liverpool and the University of Dundee in Scotland, the place where they met and saw an opportunity for students to work together on a collaborative performance project.

“The program will introduce students to Scotland’s rich culture and heritage through weekend field trips, while offering a sampling of university life on a Scottish campus,” says Sanders. The two academic courses that will be taught are CRTH 151, a creative thinking course and a course titled TVDM 255, Scotland Media Journal.

Both courses will meet on campus for four weeks leading up to the Scotland trip from May 18 to August 6, then, within that time frame, students will be in Scotland from June 15 to July 2.  Professor Sanders believes in the importance of studying abroad. “It provides a much richer experience of a place than just going on a vacation. It provides opportunities to interact with local residents in a meaningful way, learn about the topic being studied in a first-hand exciting way, and presents a myriad of opportunities to learn about yourself in a way that just doesn’t happen too close to home… and earn up to six credits while you do it.”

Sanders hopes that students will be able to move outside of their comfort zone to discover new things about the world and themselves, make friendships that may last a lifetime and live an unforgettable few weeks in another country.

For more inquiries in regards to the program, students should contact David Sanders at for more information and to fulfill the interview approval process for the application.