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The Center for Cooperative Media Hosts Interactive Work from Home Webinars

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Joe Amditis

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 crisis has turned our world upside down. From stay-at-home orders to long lines for essentials at the grocery store, life looks very different than it did a month ago. With all of these changes comes a new way of working and learning from home. For digital natives, the transition to online learning has been seamless. But for others, this time has brought about a whole new set of challenges.

On Monday March 23, the Center for Cooperative Media’s Joe Amditis hosted a virtual webinar to break down some of the most popular work from home tools.

“I think a lot of faculty, staff, and students at schools across the state are all at least a little bit thrown off-balance by how quickly everything shifted to an almost entirely virtual medium,” Amditis said. “Based on the feedback we got when we surveyed our partners, many of whom are journalism professors and instructors, we felt it was important to give people who aren’t as familiar with some of the newer apps and tools the opportunity to sit down and start going through them with someone more experienced.”

This crash course introduced MSU students and staff to popular collaborative websites and apps like Zoom, Slack, Skitch, WhereBy, and Hypothes. The Center will be hosting a variety of different webinars for the remainder of the semester, and beyond. More information can be found at