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Montclair School of Communication and Media partners with Heepsy

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Leading Influencer Platform to Provide Exciting Opportunities for Students and Faculty

Words By Diane Issa

To offer exciting insights to the world of influencer marketing for its students and faculty, the School of Communications and Media (SCM) has partnered with Heepsy, the largest influencer database and top influencer platform on the market.

Heepsy enables users to search for and analyze influencers on Instagram,YouTube and coming soon, TikTok. It offers precise influencer profile analytics and maintains a high standard of accuracy and quality of information by having the most comprehensive and accurate directory of influencers. It analyzes followers, likes, and comments to verify the authenticity of those influencers.

Professors teaching a variety of strategic communication courses will guide hundreds of students through the platform to analyze data and create reports. “We are excited to partner with Heepsy and provide students with such a powerful resource,” said Dr. Keith Strudler, Director of the School of Communication and Media. “Heepsy is an excellent tool that will better prepare our students for our analytics-driven world. We are excited to see all the creative ways our students will utilize and promote Heepsy.”

SCM will promote the platform through Hawk Communications, the university’s student-run agency, and through its social channels. Students and faculty will collaborate to create a series of video shorts to highlight how the platform can benefit students, teachers and strategic communications professionals. Heepsy will also have a digital presence in the School’s Social Media Hub, a dynamic strategic communication center that will open this semester. The Hub will provide faculty and students in PR, advertising, and other disciplines to teach and use social media analytics and nimble digital production tools.