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Arts and Health (Online Graduate Certificate)

College of the Arts, School of Communication and Media

Program Coordinator: Dr. Christine Lemesianou

Program Description

The Arts and Health graduate certificate program provides arts professionals, health care workers, and administrators from related fields with the educational background and tools needed to integrate the arts in support of health and wellness among diverse individuals and communities.

The academic program for the certificate consists of five 3-credit graduate-level courses which are delivered in an online format, and may be completed within a twelve-month period. Students may also register for individual courses, which are a part of the program, for education credits (excluding the capstone practicum course) without the intent of completing the program.

The Arts and Health Certificate is ideal for individuals who want to impact a variety of cohort populations through an arts experience. (note: It is not intended for those who require full professional training for licensure or certification in any of the Expressive Arts Therapies or related disciplines.)

Program Learning Objectives

The Arts and Health Graduate Certificate is designed to meet important learning objectives.  In pursuing the program, you will:

  • Develop a thorough knowledge base in the history, research, impact, and outcomes of arts and health as a professional field.
  • Understand contemporary issues and best practices of how a range of arts modalities can be applied to comprehensive healthcare and community wellness initiatives through the critical examination of literature, including case studies in arts and health.
  • Explore special topics in arts and health (e.g. advocacy, cultural diversity and communities, arts marketing, health literacy, ethical issues in arts and health) that address the creation, implementation, and success of programs.
  • Understand how to manage arts-based programs in community and healthcare settings and use evidence-based methodologies to assess them.
  • Develop basic competency in the implementation of arts and health initiatives in care and community settings, and the necessary skills to interface successfully with all stakeholders (creative, clinical, administrative) in healthcare and community environments.

What You Will Study

  1. ARHL510: Foundations in Arts and Health (3cr) – This course provides a general survey of the arts, across their various forms and manifestations (performing, studio, literary, etc.) as they relate to the numerous domains of human health (physiological, cognitive, emotional, social, etc.).
  2. ARHL520: Applications of Arts and Health (3cr) – This course demonstrates the ways in which various artistic modalities can be used in the field of arts and health. Creative areas explored include music, theatre, dance, visual arts, literary arts, and interdisciplinary arts.
  3. ARHL530: Special Topics in Arts and Health (3cr) – This special topics course covers in depth emerging issues, topics of relevance, problems or trends, and specialized content in arts and health not represented in the main curriculum of the program.
  4. ARHL540: Program Administration, Management, and Assessment in Arts and Health (3cr)–This course shapes the complex strategies and skills that are required in launching, administering and assessing a successful arts and health program.
  5. ARHL550: Practicum in Arts and Health (3rc) (on-site at an Atlantic Health System facility or other approved off-campus location) – This course provides practical experience in both the clinical and administrative aspects of the intersection of arts and health.

Application Requirements

  • Online Application
  • Application Fee
  • Official Transcript
  • Personal Statement: Please write a 1-2 page personal statement that explains why you want to pursue the Arts and Health Certificate program.  In your essay please identify any skills and/or related professional experience you have and the relevance of this certificate to your personal or professional goals.
  • Resume: A current resume detailing any relevant professional, volunteer, and/or academic experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Listen to We Are Healing

We Are Healing is a song created as part of the Healing Arts Coalition Conference held in October 2015, where attendees learned more about non-traditional approaches to Arts and Healing. The conference was an opportunity to bring together the arts and health care community through a multidisciplinary look at how the arts play a role in healing.

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