Fall 2020 Work Plan for Registration

SCM Student Workplan for Fall 2020 – This document is a tool we use in the School of Communication and Media to facilitate advising sessions, help you plan your courses for the next semester, and develop a clear pathway to graduation. Your academic advisor will review your plan for fall 2020 with you and help you finalize your course choices.

We use this work plan to enter authorizations for courses in the system so that when you register, if there are available seats in the courses/sections you selected, you will not find any roadblocks with registration. We recommend in developing your work plan that you have some back up courses in case your first selections are not available.

If you have recently joined the School of Communication and Media and you do not have an assigned academic advisor yet, please sign up for one of our Virtual Advising Sessions so that we can help you with registration now. We will be assigning a faculty advisor to you later in the semester.