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Kent Place Students Experience the Great Outdoors at Montclair State University’s Field Station

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The students listen intently as their teacher gives them instructions during the Action Socialization Experience.

With the excitement of 5th grade starting at Kent Place School, the girls prepared for their annual trip to the New Jersey School of Conservation. The girls got to experience all the magic that is offered here with the different Social Sciences, Environmental Sciences and many other classes offered.

The girls started strong by doing several ASEs (Action Socialization Experiences) chosen to build up their communication skills and trust in one another early on. They were split into groups and given several tasks to complete. These challenges provide the opportunity for individuals to break free and shine because everyone was out of their comfort zone. 

When everyone was warmed up and ready to take on the rest of the trip, the strong minded scientists in Water Ecology class learned about the macro invertebrates that live in the streams. With time in the field, they got to brainstorm different aspects of what each critter could reveal about the water. They dove right in and managed to amaze all of us with their ideas!

Students enjoy taking pictures during the Conservation Photography class.

The girls experienced Conservation Photography class during their trip as well. With some pro tips from the staff and tons of questions asked, the photographers were off to find beauty in Stokes forest. Lighting, perspective, and colors all shined through in the photos that were printed and framed. In this class they learned why pictures are so important to the environment and what a wonderful hobby it can be. 

The girls time traveled and were taken back to the early days when Woodworking was necessary for survival in the past. They were educated about the tools that our ancestors used when it came time to build anything. They got to experience the hard work that was put into building something and were able to put their knowledge to the test when it came to building bird houses to take back to their school. 

With their trip coming to an end, the girls paired up and got to finished up with boating to celebrate all their accomplishments. They got to show off the paddling skills before they were put in groups up to play boat games. 

The Kent Place School soon packed up, put all their new skills in their back pocket and were headed home. The NJSOC thanks all that came and helped out with the trip for the girls to make it a memorable one and we are looking forward to future years together! 


Written by Anna-Marie Hope