Photo of student wearing waders in river and holding large fishing net.

Program Assistants

Our Program Assistants provide critical support for our program. We rely on their assistance to deliver the best educational experience possible to our clients.

Lisa Mills schedules and organizes all visitation to the NJSOC campus. She coordinates and manages every aspect of our Residential Environmental Education Program, from the recruiting and booking of visiting school groups to the development and implementation of their programs. You can reach Lisa at 800-624-7780, saying “New Jersey School of Conservation” at the prompt. Alternately, you can dial 973-655-4646 ext 32 to reach Lisa.

Suzanne Deshchidn provides customer service and administrative support for the Director and the other departments at the New Jersey School of Conservation. She serves as the liaison to the Human Resource department coordinating employee time, payroll, and benefit information and is responsible for writing contracts for clients, managing the daily operations of the Main Office, and managing the Trading Post.  See Trading Post Prices for a sample of the available selection. You can dial 973-655-4646 ext 10 to reach Suzanne.