Photo of student wearing waders in river and holding large fishing net.

For Teachers

Below is a list of useful sites related to environmental issues and information.

  • The Climate Kids site about climate change for upper elementary and middle schoolers
  • The NASA Climate site for grownups
The Union of Concerned Scientists
This is a great site for educators looking for resources and ideas to bring environmental issues into their classroom.
National Geographic
National Geographic is, well National Geographic!!! You’ll find everything you would expect on this high-quality site.
Sierra Club
In an article from 2003, the Sierra Club’s Marilyn Berlin Snell covers the story of how an environmental education experience impacts the lives of inner-city high school students.
Living Oceans
Living Oceans’ Seafood Lovers Initiative helps you become more familiar with the fish and shellfish you buy so that you can make choices toward better-managed selections. They also have a very cool interactive oil spill animation that your students will enjoy.
Marine Fish Conservation Network
The Marine Fish Conservation Network has the latest information to help students become aware of the state of our oceans and marine life.
Environment News Network
For the most current updates in international environmental news, take a look at the Environment News Service. You can even sign up for a free subscription for your classroom!
Garden State EnviroLink
Global environmental issues, visit News Service.
BBC News
For current updates in science and nature around the world, try the BBC news.
Population Connection
Population education and up-to-date population statistics are available at this site.
Super Science for Kids
Looking for fun activities and experiments for your science class? Check out this great site.