Photo of student wearing waders in river and holding large fishing net.

Upon Arrival

  • One of our graduate students or AmeriCorps members will meet you when you arrive. If you haven’t already downloaded the Program Evaluation Form and Lodging Inspection Forms, they will provide you with these forms.
  • Give Medical Treatment Authorization ‌and any medication to the NJSOC nurse.
  • Inspect living quarters for damages, fill out cabin inspection forms, and return them to the main office or give them to the Graduate Student or AmeriCorps member who will be checking in with you at mealtimes. All buildings are inspected immediately after a school leaves by the NJSOC Maintenance Department. Failure to report damages upon arrival may result in your school being responsible for damages to living quarters.
  • Inform everyone in your group about the time and location of the first event: Orientation.

Please inform your bus provider that NJSOC policy requires that bus drivers not idle their engines while loading or unloading except in cold weather conditions when diesel fuel may be adversely affected by shutting off the engine. This action greatly reduces air and noise pollution on campus.