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Art and Design Studio - Academic Program

Explore art making and design in multiple mediums and take classes that analyze other artists’ work.

Programs offered: Minor

Arts and Cultural Programming - Department

Location: Alexander Kasser Theater

Phone: 973-655-3049

Visual Arts - Academic Program

Students who study Visual Arts learn to create using a variety of media and techniques, including ceramics, drawing, metalwork & jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture, and exhibit their work on and off campus.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Certificate

College of the Arts - Page

Committed to the pursuit of truth and beauty.

Visual Communication Design - Academic Program

In our program, research, analysis, sketching, concept development and teamwork become an integral part of your design process.

Programs offered: Bachelor's

Fashion Studies - Academic Program

Explore the many facets of fashion while learning to analyze consumer needs and determine how a dynamic industry meets those needs. Graduates pursue careers in fashion manufacturing, merchandising, management and marketing of products and services.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Certificate

Filmmaking - Academic Program

Our intensive, conservatory-style progression of coursework gives our filmmaking majors a powerful foundation in the concepts of story.

Programs offered: Bachelor's

Art Galleries - Page

Exhibiting student and professional works of art.

Portuguese Studies - Academic Program

The Portuguese Studies program of Montclair State University offers a unique combination of literary, linguistic and cultural experiences for our undergraduate students.

Programs offered: Minor

Journalism - Academic Program

As a Journalism student, you will develop competencies in writing, research and production techniques as well as gain knowledge from a solid foundation of liberal arts courses.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor

Exercise Science - Academic Program

Exercise Science prepares exercise practitioners to perform accurate fitness assessments, including recognition of pathologic indicators, as well as to plan, implement, evaluate and sustain exercise-programming initiatives.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Master's

Gerontology - Academic Program

Gerontology is a field of study that examines the social, cultural, psychological and physical changes associated with aging.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor

Dance - Academic Program

In this program, you will combine a liberal arts degree with conservatory-based training. Our expert faculty will guide you on your journey to becoming a professional dancer, choreographer, critic or dance teacher.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor, Master's, Online

Master of Arts in Teaching - Academic Program

Montclair State University’s Teacher Education Program is one of the most highly-regarded teacher preparation programs in the country. It has been consistently recognized both nationally and internationally for its unique features, including its structure, partnerships, and curricular emphases.

Programs offered: Master's, Teacher Certification

Communication and Media Arts - Academic Program

Ideal for students who want to immerse themselves in the multi-dimensional landscape of traditional and emerging media, and explore communication in all of its facets in relation to special interests.

Programs offered: Bachelor's

Italian - Academic Program

Explore Italian music, the figurative arts, literature, cinema, design, gastronomy, science and philosophy.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor, Certificate

General Humanities - Academic Program

Study history, art, music, religion, philosophy, literature and mythology. Pursue your own intellectual interests and design your own major with your advisor.

Programs offered: Bachelor's

Art Forum - Page

Speaker series featuring professional notable artists, designers, historians, and critics.

Fashion Design - Academic Program

Through coursework that focuses on how clothing is designed, illustrated, constructed and evaluated for quality, students gain hands-on experience and an understanding of the creative aspects of fashion design.

Programs offered: Minor

Urban Studies - Academic Program

Our Urban Studies concentration within the Geography BA and the Urban Studies minor take advantage of the NJ/NY metropolitan setting and the wealth of social, political, cultural, economic, and environmental interactions occurring within our area.

Programs offered: Minor

Jewish American Studies - Academic Program

The Jewish American Studies program at Montclair State gives students the opportunity to explore recent scholarship on the literature, art and culture of the Jewish community in America as well as the contributions of immigrant culture to society.

Programs offered: Minor

College of Humanities and Social Sciences - Page

A traditional liberal arts education with focused preparation in a wide range of disciplines and professional areas.

Art and Design - Department

Location: Calcia Hall

Phone: 973-655-7295

Spanish - Academic Program

The Spanish program prides itself on offering students multiple courses of study, careful mentoring by devoted faculty, enriching cultural activities and a nationally recognized chapter of the Hispanic Honor Society.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor, Master's, Certificate

Animation and Illustration - Academic Program

In our program, you will learn about the many aspects of bringing animation to life — from idea to finished product including virtual reality.

Programs offered: Bachelor's

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