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Music Therapy - Academic Program

Music Therapy is the process of clients and qualified music therapists working together through music to promote mental and physical health.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Master's, Certificate

John J. Cali School of Music - Page

Study with a world-class faculty drawn from the finest musicians and scholars.

Music - Academic Program

In our Music program, you will study with world-class faculty who will nurture you to become a performer, educator, composer, or therapist.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor, Master's, Certificate

Master of Arts in Teaching - Academic Program

Montclair State University’s Teacher Education Program is one of the most highly-regarded teacher preparation programs in the country. It has been consistently recognized both nationally and internationally for its unique features, including its structure, partnerships, and curricular emphases.

Programs offered: Master's, Teacher Certification

Educational Leadership - Academic Program

The Educational Leadership program is committed to preparing outstanding and dedicated school leaders for the State of New Jersey.

Programs offered: Master's, Doctorate, Certificate, Teacher Certification, Online

School of Music Extension Division - Page

Musical instruction for all ages, students and non-students alike.

Counseling - Academic Program

In our programs, you will acquire the professional skills to work with diverse populations in school counseling, clinical mental health counseling, and addictions counseling.

Programs offered: Master's, Certificate, Doctorate

Musical Theatre - Academic Program

Our rigorous, innovative curriculum combines instruction and experience in the acting, dance, and music demanded by the Musical Theatre craft.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor

Inclusive Education - Academic Program

Inclusive Education prepares highly trained educators who make a vital contribution to New Jersey schools through promoting quality inclusive practices for students, both with and without disabilities, to learn together in the same classrooms.

Programs offered: Master's, Teacher Certification

Special Education Programs - Academic Program

The Special Education programs offered in the department of Secondary and Special Education are designed for certified teachers who want to develop a comprehensive understanding of special education.

Programs offered: Master's, Teacher Certification

Presidential Scholars - Page

Leveraging its resources as a national doctoral research university, Montclair State is launching an exciting new scholarship program for high-achieving New Jersey high school graduates.

Family Science and Human Development - Academic Program

Family Science and Human Development (formerly known as Family and Child Studies) is an interdisciplinary field that teaches you how to understand individuals, families, and communities from a holistic point of view with an emphasis on social justice.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor, Teacher Certification, Doctorate

School of Nursing - Page

An advanced curriculum for 21st century healthcare.

Reading and Literacy Education - Academic Program

The programs emphasize practice informed by current theory and research to provide a range of learning experiences that enhance candidates’ understanding of what it means to be an effective literacy educator.

Programs offered: Master's, Certificate, Teacher Certification

The Graduate School - Page

More than 100 Master's, Doctoral, and Certificate programs to further your education.

School of Communication and Media - Page

Driving the digital revolution

Italian - Academic Program

Explore Italian music, the figurative arts, literature, cinema, design, gastronomy, science and philosophy.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor, Certificate

Early College Program - Page

College credit for high school students

Forward Thinking - Page

The Research Newsletter of Montclair State University highlights new and notable research from the University's six schools and colleges.

Accounting - Academic Program

Learn to develop the financial statements that drive business and devise strategies to improve the bottom line with a degree in Accounting from the Feliciano School of Business at Montclair State University.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Master's, Certificate

General Humanities - Academic Program

Study history, art, music, religion, philosophy, literature and mythology. Pursue your own intellectual interests and design your own major with your advisor.

Programs offered: Bachelor's

Feliciano School of Business - Page

Gain the skills, knowledge and experience you need to compete successfully in today’s global marketplace

Seetha John-Holmes - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Social Work and Child Advocacy

John Nathenson - Person

Trainer, Continuing and Professional Education

John Medina - Person

Fire Subcode Official Hhs (P/T), Treasury and Finance

Phone: 973-655-3132

John Zahner - Person

Assistant Professor, Spanish and Latino Studies

Phone: 973-655-5521

John Pinkard Sr. - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Sociology

John Tees III - Person

Adjunct, Theatre and Dance

Stephen Johns - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Cali School of Music

John Lindner - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Cali School of Music

John Castano - Person

Adjunct Faculty, School of Communication and Media

Phone: 973-655-7471

John Rot - Person

Adjunct, Cali School of Music

Phone: 973-655-7212

John Pahucki IV - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Religion

John Davis - Person

Head Athletic Trainer, Inter-Collegiate Athletics

Phone: 973-655-5250

John Isidor - Person

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Phone: 973-655-5140

John Vespucci - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Justice Studies

John Sandella - Person

Manager, IT Support Services, Technical Support Services

Phone: 973-655-3529

John Siekierka - Person

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Phone: 973-655-3411

John Jenq - Person

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Phone: 973-655-7237

John Scorsone - Person

Instructional Specialist, Management

Phone: 973-655-3097

John Osmak - Person

CHSS Coordinator of Technological Services, Technical Support Services

Phone: 973-655-7762

John Bonanno - Person

Evaluation/Database Manager, Institutional Research

Phone: 973-655-5412

John Vitiello - Person

Crew Supervisor/Carpenters, Carpentry Shop

Phone: 973-655-5217

Linda Johns - Person

Professional Services Specialist IV/Administrative Service (CWA), AVP Facilities Logistic Support

Phone: 973-655-5455

John Bonin Jr. - Person

Executive Director of Facilities Information Technology, AVP Facilities Logistic Support

John Nielsen - Person

Campus Police Officer, University Police

Phone: 973-655-5222

John Keane - Person

Fire Safety Specialist, Fire Safety

John Specchio - Person

Professor, Nutrition and Food Studies

Phone: 973-655-5291

John Porcelli - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Exercise Science and Physical Education

John Mccarthy Jr. - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Exercise Science and Physical Education

John Furey - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Early Childhood, Elementary, and Literacy Education

John Gunn III - Person

FSHD Adjunct, Family Science and Human Development

John Marshall III - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Family Science and Human Development

John Biegel - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Public Health

Mary Jo John - Person

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Phone: 973-655-7122

John Cavaliere - Person

Instructional Specialist, Marketing

Phone: 973-655-4254

Bindu John - Person

Director of Classification, Compensation and Performance, Classification, Compensation and Performance

Phone: 973-655-3947

John Brennan - Person

Head XC and Track & Field Coach, Inter-Collegiate Athletics

John Brookins - Person

Senior Building Maintenance Worker, Housekeeping Services/Acad. 1

John O'Brien - Person

Assistant Director of Academic Technology, Technical Support Services

Phone: 973-655-7435

John Wang - Person

Associate Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics

Phone: 973-655-7519

John Soueid - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages and Literatures

Teaching English Language Learners in Early Childhood and Elementary Settings - Academic Program

The TELL minor will provide candidates planning to teach in general education or inclusive education classrooms with the specialized knowledge and skills to work effectively with students who are English Language Learners.

Programs offered: Minor

Exercise Science - Academic Program

Exercise Science prepares exercise practitioners to perform accurate fitness assessments, including recognition of pathologic indicators, as well as to plan, implement, evaluate and sustain exercise-programming initiatives.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Master's

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