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Music - Academic Program

Here, you will study music with world-class faculty who will nurture you to become a performer, educator, composer, or therapist. You will also be able to take advantage of the many study abroad opportunities available to students of the School of Music at Montclair State University.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor, Master's, Certificate

Colleges & Schools - Page

Designated a Research Doctoral University by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education, the University’s 11 colleges and schools serve more than 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students with more than 300 doctoral, master’s and baccalaureate level programs.

Early College Program - Page

Academically ambitious high school students have an exciting opportunity to complement high school study with Montclair State University coursework.

Music Therapy - Academic Program

Through carefully planned musical experiences, the client is provided with opportunities to address therapeutic goals across a wide range of needs.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Master's, Certificate

Musical Theatre - Academic Program

Our rigorous, innovative curriculum combines instruction and experience in the acting, dance, and music demanded by the Musical Theatre craft.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Minor

Inclusive Education - Academic Program

Inclusive Education prepares highly trained educators who make a vital contribution to New Jersey schools through promoting quality inclusive practices for students, both with and without disabilities, to learn together in the same classrooms.

Programs offered: Master's

Educational Foundations - Academic Program

Educational Foundations programs are focused on creating well-rounded school teachers who have strong subject knowledge on the variety of topics covered by each classroom teacher in elementary school.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Certificate

Feliciano School of Business - Page

Gain the skills, knowledge and experience you need to compete successfully in today’s global marketplace

Office of the Provost - Page

The Montclair State University Provost oversees academic programs, schools, colleges, and the University library.

The Graduate School - Page

More than 100 Master's, Doctoral, and Certificate programs to further your education.

Educational Leadership - Academic Program

This practice-driven program will guide aspiring leaders to develop principles of moral leadership and cultivate a democratic vision for schools and learning.

Programs offered: Master's, Certificate

Upward Bound - Page

Educational opportunities for currently enrolled high school students who come from low-level income families and/or who are potential first-generation college attendees.

Teacher Certification - Academic Program

Are you interested in becoming a school teacher? Our Teacher Education Program will provide you with a sequence of professional courses and field experiences leading to initial teaching certification.

Programs offered: Bachelor's, Master's, Certificate

Department of Teaching and Learning - Page

The Department of Teaching and Learning offers rigorous programs that graduate highly skilled and well-prepared teachers to meet the challenges and promises in today’s schools.

John Jenq - Person

Associate Professor, Computer Science

Phone: 973-655-7237

John Siekierka - Person

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Phone: 973-655-3411

John Isidor - Person

Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Phone: 973-655-5140

John Soueid - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Modern Languages and Literatures

John Vespucci - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Justice Studies

Seetha John-Holmes - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Social Work and Child Advocacy

John Castano - Person

Adjunct Faculty, School of Communication and Media

Phone: 973-655-7471

John Pahucki IV - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Religion

John Furey - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Teaching and Learning

John Lindner - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Cali School of Music

John Rot - Person

Adjunct, Cali School of Music

Phone: 973-655-7212

Stephen Johns - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Cali School of Music

John Bonanno - Person

Evaluation/Database Manager, Institutional Research

Phone: 973-655-5412

Bindu John - Person

Director Classification and Compensation, Classification and Compensation

Phone: 973-655-3947

John O'Brien - Person

Assistant Director of Academic Technology, Technical Support Services

Phone: 973-655-7435

John Medina - Person

Fire Subcode Official Hhs (P/T), Treasury and Finance

Phone: 973-655-3132

John Specchio - Person

Professor, Nutrition and Food Studies

Phone: 973-655-5291

John Keane - Person

Fire Safety Specialist, Fire Safety

John Nielsen - Person

Sergeant Campus Police, University Police

Phone: 973-655-5222

John Cavaliere - Person

Instructional Specialist, Marketing

Phone: 973-655-4254

John Bottini - Person

Shuttle Bus Operator, Parking and Transportation Services

Phone: 973-655-3326

John Osmak - Person

CHSS Coordinator of Technological Services, Technical Support Services

Phone: 973-655-7762

John Sandella - Person

Manager, IT Support Services, Technical Support Services

Phone: 973-655-3529

John Wang - Person

Associate Professor, Information Management and Business Analytics

Phone: 973-655-7519

Linda Johns - Person

Facilities Finance Assistant, University Facilities

Phone: 973-655-5455

John Smithlin - Person

Assistant Softball Coach, Inter-Collegiate Athletics

John Trahan - Person

Assistant Track & Field Coach, Inter-Collegiate Athletics

John Teixeira - Person

RHC Temp Call Center, Red Hawk Central

John Pinkard Sr. - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Sociology

John Vitiello - Person

Crew Supervisor/Carpenters, Carpentry Shop

Phone: 973-655-5217

John Gurriell - Person

Simulation Lab Coordinator, School of Nursing

John Mccarthy Jr. - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Exercise Science and Physical Education

John Porcelli - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Exercise Science and Physical Education

John Gunn III - Person

FSHD Adjunct, Family Science and Human Development

John Marshall III - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Family Science and Human Development

Mary Jo John - Person

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Phone: 973-655-7122

John Biegel - Person

Adjunct Faculty, Public Health

John Bonin Jr. - Person

Executive Director of Facilities Information Technology, Access Control and Systems

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