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If you or someone you know has been hurt by sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking, Montclair State University is here to help. You have the right to live, learn, and/or work in a safe and welcoming environment. Violence is unacceptable and University policy prohibits sexual misconduct in all forms.

As a victim-survivor, you have the right to accept or decline any or all of the following options:

  • Evaluation/treatment of injuries and prevention of a sexually transmitted disease and/or pregnancy
  • Forensic examination for evidence collection
  • File criminal charges and/or a police report. The individual can report as an anonymous victim. This option allows the victim to have a forensic examination for evidence collection but not file criminal charges or release their identity to anyone except the forensic nurse. 
  • File a civil complaint and obtain restraining orders
  • File a complaint with the University and obtain protective orders
  • Seek sexual assault services off campus

Unsure of Where to Start? Speak to a Confidential Resource

You may want more information or to talk to someone confidentially as you decide what to do. You can speak to any of the designated University confidential resources to help you consider options.

You are able to speak confidentially about your experience to individuals in these departments. They are under no obligation to share your personal information with the Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator. However, they can offer assistance and referrals to appropriate offices and agencies.

Here are the confidential resources: University Counseling Center, University Health Center, The Women’s Center, The Office for Social Justice and Diversity, Campus Clergy

First Steps

Are you in danger? If yes, contact University police at 973-655-5222 on-campus or 911 off-campus.

Do You Need Medical Attention?

The University Health Center has trained staff to work with survivors of sexual assault. You can request a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) to perform a confidential forensic examination for evidence collection, receive access to medical care for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, evaluation and treatment of possible injuries. Completing a forensic exam does not require you to file a police report or require a report to the institution.

Do You Need Counseling?

You may pursue services at the University counseling center or at an external agency based on your individual needs. They are located in Russ Hall, Side Entrance and can be reached at 1-973-655-5211.

Requesting Accommodations and Interim Measures

Regardless of whether you choose to report to University police or the Title IX Deputy Title IX Coordinator, there are accommodations available to you, if requested. You continue to have access to the accommodations now or at any time in the future.

  1. Protective Measures
  2. Academic Accommodations
  3. Housing Accommodations
  4. Other Accommodations

Additional Resources

  1. RAINN National Sexual Assault Hotline (offering nationwide support to victims via a trained support specialist, on-line chat options)
  2. Safety Planning via University police
  3. RAVE Guardian App - You contact University Police when you’re walking on campus with an estimate of your travel time, and let them know when you have arrived. If they don’t hear from you they come looking to see that you are safe. You can download RAVE Guardian by logging into Rave Alerts and selecting the RAVE Guardian link. A link to download the Rave Guardian app will be texted to you. Get RAVE Guardian.
  4. Circle of Six app: You can designate six of your friends as your Circle of Six to be contacted if you are experiencing trouble or distress. Sign up your Circle of Six today.
  5. Community Resources
    • Essex County Family Justice Center (offering counseling support, legal assistance, and other services to victims of domestic violence, you must work with an intake officer to determine eligibility)
    • Essex County SAVE (Women’s Center) (offering counseling support, legal referrals, and other services, you must work with an intake officer to determine eligibility)
    • Passaic County Women’s Center (offering counseling support, legal referrals, and other services, you must work with an intake officer to determine eligibility)
    • WAFA House Passaic(offering counseling support, legal assistance, and other services, you must work with an intake officer to determine eligibility)


Yolanda Alvarez
Associate Dean of Students
Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Prevention and Education

Bystander Intervention Program

Bystander Intervention is acting, either directly or indirectly, to prevent the situation or to keep it from escalating. The goal of the Montclair State University Bystander Intervention Program is to educate the campus about situations that may require Bystander Intervention, increase feelings of responsibility to take action, and empower people to act both individually and collectively.

Know Your IX

Founded in 2013, Know Your IX is a national survivor-run, student-driven campaign to end campus sexual violence.


Founded by student activists, SAFER is a national non-profit organization that give college students the tools to organize educational efforts and policy-reform initiatives.