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Research Proposal Details

The research is expected to have direct relevance to the Pharmaceutical Life Sciences and promote the Institutes mission of “supporting trans-disciplinary research among CSAM faculty, students, and academic and industrial collaborators in the areas of medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, biochemistry, natural products chemistry, molecular biology, computational sciences, environmental toxicology and pharmacology and new emerging technologies such as biomaterials and nanotechnology “. It is expected that the awards will provide the seed funding necessary for faculty to establish strong research programs and to aid in securing external funding for faculty and the Institute. The application requirements, restrictions and proposal format can be found on the Sokol Institute’s web page. Proposals should be submitted electronically to the Institute Director’s office by the deadline.

Research Proposal Format:

  1. Title Page
    1. Proposal title, PI and co-PI’s (trans-discipline) names & departments.
  2. Project summary (1 page max)
    1. One or two paragraphs in “layman’s terms” describing the proposed research.
    2. A third person description of objectives, methods and significance. How does the proposed research fit the Institutes mission of supporting research of a trans-disciplinary nature. What CSAM or collaborative disciplines are involved? How does the proposed research relate to the Pharmaceutical Life Sciences?
  3. Project Description (2 pages)
    1. Background for project.
    2. Status of the field
    3. Why is the research important?
    4. How will a successful outcome promote the Institute and CSAM?
  4. Research Description (2 pages)
    1. What are the specific aims of the research (list individually)?
    2. What is the research plan for achieving the specific aims?
    3. What is the start and completion date? What are the milestones and how will progress be measured?
    4. What are the risks and barriers?
    5. What is likelihood of success?
    6. What are the potential contributions of the research to undergraduate and graduate scholarship at Montclair?
  5. References
  6. Proposed Budget
  7. Project Investigators, Collaborators & Students
  8. Previous support history (if any)
  9. Principle Investigator’s curriculum vitae in an abbreviated (NSF) format.

Eligibility Rules

  • Funding is granted only to CSAM faculty. Where outside collaborators are involved, funds are viewed as a means to help CSAM faculty to enter into outside collaborations as a true partner, i.e. “paying our own way”. Collaborators may only submit a single proposal.
  • All current full-time faculty may apply.
  • Institute Board Members are eligible to apply, but must remove themselves from the overall selection process. The Director will appointment a replacement reviewer if necessary. The Director will maintain impartiality and is not eligible to apply.
  • Funding will not be awarded for on-going support of projects for which outside funding might reasonably be expected. Awardees must demonstrate evidence of seeking external funding.

Funding can support

  • Payment for release time on adjunct rates, e.g. $1,050.00 per TCH to release 3 TCH per semester to perform research.
  • Faculty summer salary.
  • Stipends for Undergraduate and Graduate students.
  • Supplies and equipment necessary to perform research.
  • Travel and conference costs.
  • Publication costs.