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Montclair State University Routing Form and Routing Approval Process

The proposal routing form is an important document. It is necessary to ensure that the appropriate academic, administrative, and program staff have reviewed and approved the proposed activities and budget to be submitted by the Principal Investigator or Project Director (PI/PD). It is also used by OSP to record and report on the proposal submission in its monthly, quarterly and annual reporting. Approval is verified by electronically signing the form.

All Routing Forms must be submitted with an attached project abstract/summary, budget, budget justification and Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form (if applicable) to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at least three business days before the funding agency’s deadline.

Please contact Sam Wolverton at or extension 3223 if you require assistance.

Cayuse 424 Routing Instructions

Once the Proposal Routing Form has been completed, it must be uploaded to the Cayuse 424 Proposal Summary Documents section and routed for approval. 


  • Complete the entire Routing Form, sections A through F. The PI must electronically sign the Routing Form in Section H and forward it to his/her Co-Investigators for signature.
  • As described in Section G, if a significant financial interest (SFI) exists, the PI must complete a Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form describing the SFI(s) and upload this form to the proposal summary documents section in Cayuse 424.
  • Upload the completed Cayuse 424 Routing Form to the Proposal Summary Documents section in Cayuse 424. Also upload the completed University budget template to this section, prior to routing proposal through the approval chain.
  • Once the proposal is ready for review, navigate to the “Routing and Approval” section in Cayuse 424, click in the black checkbox to forward and the “approve” button to forward your proposal to the routing approval chain.


  • Must electronically sign the Routing Form and forward to the next Co-PI listed on the form for signature (or to the PI if complete).
  • If an SFI exists, the Co-PI must indicate that and upload a completed Significant Financial Interest Disclosure Form to the proposal summary documents section in Cayuse 424.


  • The Chair and Dean of each senior/key person in the Cayuse 424 approval chain will receive an automatic email notification containing an active hyperlink to access the proposal submission.
  • Click on the hyperlink to access the Cayuse 424 home page.
  • Log in with University NetID and click on the proposal under review.
  • On the left-hand sidebar, navigate to the “Proposal Summary Documents Section.” This section contains the Cayuse 424 routing form, and other attachments the PI has uploaded for review.
  • Review the proposal in Cayuse 424 (read access) and approve by clicking in the black checkbox. A text message (back to the PI) can be entered by each individual in the approval chain.  Click on the “Approve” box to send the proposal to the next reviewer/approver in the routing chain. Chairs/Deans can also “retract” approval in Cayuse 424 by unchecking the PI’s approval box.