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Statistical Consulting Lab

We, as researchers, gather data through experimentation and observational studies, but that’s only the first step. Once the data is collected it needs to be organized and analyzed, a complex process that, in most disciplines, requires at least some form of data analysis expertise. These are skills most of us don’t have, and knowledge and experience we don’t have the time to acquire.

There’s a lot of data waiting to be uncovered, and we have the technological capability to sift through and sort through it in mass quantities. The technology isn’t the only aspect of the data analysis process though. Another component is the professional that knows what they’re looking for and how to utilize the the technology to get the results.

That professional is someone who understands statistical inference processes and possesses the specialized skills needed to extract the right information in the right way. Having someone who specializes in data analysis will create a more efficient research process. This allows you, the researcher, to get the important information out of your data faster, and very possibly, with more precision. The statistical consulting lab fills the need for these experts, providing the scientific expertise in the field of data analytics, focusing on statistical analysis to help you get to the next step of your research.

For further information about the Statistical Consulting Lab contact:

Andrew McDougall

Andrew McDougall
Chairperson (Acting)
Location: Richardson Hall 241
Phone: 973-655-5132
Research Interests: Time Series Analysis, Data Analysis, Dynamical Graphics