Opening Day Speech 2017

Strategic Planning Committee

Committee on University Effectiveness (CUE)
Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chair
Willard Gingerich
Joanne Coté-Bonanno, Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Assessment
Ken Sumner, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
Vice Presidents
Shawn Connolly, Vice President for University Facilities
Jon Rosenhein, Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
David Vernon, Vice President for Human Resources
Candace Fleming, Vice President for Information Technology
Karen Pennington, Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life
Colleen Coppla, Vice President for Development
Joseph Brennan, Vice President for Communications and Marketing
Academic Deans
Scott Herness, Dean of the Graduate School
Kimberly Hollister, Vice Dean, School of Business
David Hood, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Dean of University College
Peter Kingstone, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Leslie Wilson, Acting Associate Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Janice Smolowitz, Dean, School of Nursing
Amy Aiello, Associate Dean for Enrollment Management External Affairs, College of Education and Human Services
Judith Lin Hunt, Dean, Library Services
Scott Kight, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, College of Science and Mathematics
Ronald Sharps, Associate Dean, College of the Arts
Joan Besing, Professor and Program Director of the Graduate Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders
Christine Lemesianou, Associate Director, School of Communication and Media
Dana Levitt, Professor, Counseling and Educational Leadership
Emily Isaacs, Professor, Writing
Melinda Knight, Professor and Director of the Center for Writing Excellence, English
Kirk McDermid, Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Dorothy Rogers, Chairperson, Religion
Marissa Silverman, Associate Professor, Cali School of Music
Amanda Birnbaum, Chairperson, Public Health (temporary)
Norma Connolly, Professor, Justice Studies
Jeff Strickland, Chairperson, History
Administrators and Professional Staff
Yolanda Brandon, Director of Facilities Strategic Operations
Leslie Sutton-Smith, Registrar
Jeffrey Indiveri-Gant, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
David Josephson, Executive Director of Budget and Planning
Irina Koroleva, Associate Director of Assessment and Accreditation
Masela Obade, Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness , Research Analysis, Institutional Research
Barbara Ritola, Associate Director, Curriculum
Allyson Straker-Banks, Associate Vice President for Student Academic Services
Bryan Moschel, Director of Operations, Graduate School
Karen Ramsden, Research and Projects Specialist, Library Administration