Prior to Fall 2017

Explanation of Mandatory Student Fees

Please note that mandatory student fees apply to all registered classes taken on campus, off campus and online. Once a student registers for classes, they are responsible for all fees associated with their registration. Mandatory Student Fees are charged every semester and cannot be waived.

Montclair State University reserves the right to change tuition and fees every academic year.

Student Services Fee:

  • Transcript Fee: Supports student requests for normal processing of transcripts; same day transcripts are still available for a $15 cost. The transcript form is located on the Registrar’s web page at:

  • Athletic Fee: Supports the Montclair State University athletic program, admission into sporting events and facilities. (This fee is not charged to Graduates)

  • University Health Fee: Supports the education programs and services provided by University health and counseling related areas and also includes Emergency Medical Services and Wellness Education. (This fee does not purchase health insurance.)

  • Performing Arts Fee: Supports the Performing Arts programs and performances available to Montclair State students.(This fee is not charged to Graduates)

  • Transportation Fee: Supports the campus shuttle bus service.

  • Student Newspaper Fee: "The Montclarion" is funded by the student newspaper fee and by revenue generated from advertising.

Facilities Fee:

  • Recreation Center Fee: Supports the construction, operation, staffing and programming of that facility.

  • General Service Fee: Supports University programming and a range of other student services.

  • Student Union Building Fee: Supports the programs, operations and maintenance of the Student Center.

  • Campus Card Fee: Supports the University wide technology infrastructure used to issue the University ID card and manage the related facility and financial card access services.

  • Facilities Fee: Funds the construction and maintenance of various facilities.

  • Telecommunications Fee: Supports the University's emergency alert notification system.

  • Energy Infrastructure Fee: Supports the construction and operation of a new cogeneration, boiler, and chilling plant.

Student Government Association Fee:

Funds collected from this fee go directly to the Student Government Association treasury.

Computer Technology Fee:

  •  Supports the computing infrastructure throughout the University including maintaining and updating the labs, student computer accounts (e-mail, Blackboard, Red Hawk Card) and internet/networking connections.