Students walking around campus on a cloudy day.

Mission, Values and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of Student Development and Campus Life is to support and enhance the educational mission of Montclair State University by: cooperatively partnering with faculty in delivering learning experiences, activities and services that foster the intellectual and personal development of our students; leading the University in attracting, supporting and retaining a diverse student body; building a welcoming and inclusive campus community and a safe and secure environment for living and learning; and supporting the health, well-being and future success of our students.

Core Values







In support of this mission, the members of the Division of Student Development and Campus Life will pursue the following goals:

  1. Inform and influence the University’s enrollment management efforts through strategic planning and targeted pipeline initiatives that enhance access to the institution and support its research and academic endeavors.
  2. Foster student engagement through experiential learning programs that promote student achievement and development, critical thinking, and integration of learning across disciplines and experiences.
  3. Instill an ethos of service excellence, caring, inclusion, respect, safety and community responsibility in all aspects of the student experience.
  4. Create opportunities for exploration of civic engagement, social justice, multicultural literacy, and recognition and celebration of diversity.
  5. Cultivate strategic partnerships, innovative practices, entrepreneurial approaches and alumni engagement opportunities that enhance and leverage the positive impact of student services and programs.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of activities, programs and services in meeting students’ needs and desired learning outcomes, and strive for continuous improvement through data-driven decision making.