Math Readiness Tests

In order to properly place students in the courses MATH 100- Intermediate Algebra, MATH 111- Applied Precalculus, MATH 112- Precalculus, MATH 114- Mathematics for Business II: Calculus, MATH 116 - Calculus A, and MATH 122- Calculus, the Department of Mathematics has developed a placement test. The department has used this test for several years and the department was convinced that it is a very good predictor of student's potential for success in these mathematics courses. Some students who register for any of these courses must take a readiness test prior to the third class meeting. Only non algebraic calculators may be used when taking these readiness tests.
Once you have taken the test, it will be graded immediately and you will be told if you passed or failed. Only students who pass the Readiness test will be allowed to continue to attend class. In order to receive a 100% refund for a course, it must be dropped prior to the third class meeting.
If you do not achieve a satisfactory score on the test, you may not take the course until the next semester. You may retake the test when it is given next semester or at a later date.

Readiness Tests Sample Problems (in PDF format). You need Adobe Acrobat reader. Click on MATH 100 link to place out of MATH 061/071, MATH 111/112/114 link to place out of MATH 100 and MATH 116/122 link to place out of MATH 111/112