Math Readiness Tests

In order to properly place students in the courses MATH 111- Applied Precalculus, MATH 116 - Calculus A, and MATH 122- Calculus, the Department of Mathematics has developed placement tests. These tests are designed to assess students' readiness for these courses.  Transfer and continuing students who have not taken the Accuplacer College Level Math placement test and who intend to register for any of these courses must take a readiness test. Only non-algebraic calculators may be used when taking these readiness tests. Once a math readiness test is taken, it is graded immediately and student is told if he/she is passed or failed. Student who does not achieve a satisfactory score on the readiness test, he/she must take the prerequisite course.

Readiness Tests Sample Problems (in PDF format). You need Adobe Acrobat reader. Click on MATH 111 link to place out of MATH 100 and on  MATH 116/122 link to place out of MATH 111/112