The Analysis of Academic Progress

Guide to Completing your Degree

The Analysis of Academic Progress document, often known as "the audit" is the tool you'll use to to track progress towards your degree. Information in the audit includes:

  • previous courses you've taken at Montclair State and elsewhere
  • the credits you've earned at Montclair State and elsewhere
  • Montclair State courses you haven't taken that complete the degree requirements for your major

Students can access their audit through the Montclair State Web Enrollment Services for Students (WESS). To login to WESS, you'll need a Campus-Wide ID.  

Watch a video overview on reading the Analysis of Academic Progress:

  • Transfers with an AA or AS degree from a NJ Community College:  AA/AS Degree Audit Video
  • All other transfer students: Degree Audit Video

Frequently Asked Questions about the Analysis of Academic Progress


Where is the major field of study in the audit?

The top portion of the audit shows:

  • your major
  • your general education program
  • higher-education institutions you've attended
  • credit hours you've earned.

What is a waiver?

  • All students with transfer credits or an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree are exempt from New Student Seminar and National Global Issues requirements - these requirements are waived
  • Students with an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associates of Science (AS) degrees from an NJ Community College are exempt from General Education (GENED 2002) requirements - the GENED requirements are "waived."

How do I know if my final transcripts have reached the Admissions office?

You are responsible for ensuring that your final transcripts reach Montclair State according to Admissions Office application guidelines.

Does the audit show if I need to complete a World Language requirement?

Yes. The audit will show if you have met the World Language requirements. The requirements are, specifically:

  • two semesters of the same language at the introductory level (or equivalent transfer credits), for example, Spanish I and Spanish II or
  • one semester of a language at the intermediate level (or equivalent transfer credits), for example, Spanish III or Spanish IV

What do I do with courses labeled DPT?    
Courses listed as DPT (i.e. HIST DPT) on your Analysis of Academic Progress (Audit). may be reviewed for possible University equivalency.

  • Review your audit; if you are begin asked to take a course you took at your transfer institution, it may be listed as a DPT. To have the DPT evaluation, get the course description from your transfer institution, and take it to the department the course is listed as here a Montclair State University. For example, if you see HIST DPT, this course can be evaluated by the history department.