Student Academic Progress Program (SAPP)

Montclair State University considers students with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher as having good academic standing.

Students with a cumulative GPA below 2.0 are designated, at first, as probation. Probation can lead directly to academic suspension and then dismissal. The information on this page is here to help you avoid academic suspension and/or dismissal.

Four Stages of Academic Action

Academic Warning

To stay in good academic standing, you must keep your cumulative GPA above 2.00. To help you to avoid the serious consequences of probation - keep in mind that probation places you a step closer to suspension and then possibly dismissal - your record will be updated to academic warning status if your cumulative GPA falls between 2.249 and 2.00. Academic warning thus signifies that you are close to falling on academic probation.

Students on academic warning are strongly encouraged to meet with their assigned professional advisor who can assist in devising a strategy for academic success. This strategy will include the recommendation to repeat courses for which a grade of D+ or lower was received. Freshmen and sophomores are assigned an advisor in the Center for Advising and Student Transitions, while juniors and seniors work with an advisor in Academic Success and Retention Programs.  Students in the Educational Opportunity Fund Program meet with their EOF counselor.


In order to be in good academic standing, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. If a student falls below this GPA, then the student is placed on academic probation. Students on academic probation must:

  • raise the cumulative GPA to 2.0 or higher in one term.
  • meet with an Academic Advisor (check WESS if you are unsure where to find your advisor, or call CAST)
  • participate in and successfully complete the Student Academic Progress Program, which will be outlined and discussed in more detail in your initial appointment.

Students who are unable to raise their term and cumulative GPA to 2.0 or higher in one term will face academic suspension. Students who earn a term GPA of 2.0 or higher but maintain a cumulative GPA below 2.0 will be continued on probation for another semester.


Students who have a cumulative GPA below 2.0 for two terms are placed on academic suspension. Suspended students cannot take classes at Montclair State for a full calendar year; the suspension means that Montclair State will automatically remove students from any fall or spring classes for which they may have registered. Students will be permitted to remain in winter courses or summer courses, providing the course starts before, and including the day of, appeal notifications.  (For Spring 2014, that date is June 16.)  If a student’s cumulative gpa is raised to a 2.0 as a result of these winter or summer session courses, students can return to good standing. Good grades in winter or summer courses that do not raise the cumulative gpa to 2.0 will not change a student’s standing.

Students are eligible to apply for readmission once they have been away for at least one year, however, readmission is not guaranteed.  After suspension, it is recommended that students earn at least 15 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and no D or F grades at another institution before applying for readmission at Montclair State University.

***Please note that students are only permitted to transfer in a maximum of 60 credits to Montclair State University from any two-year institution. It is not advisable for students who have transferred to Montclair State after earning an associate’s degree to take classes at a community college while on suspension.  Additionally, if a student plans to apply for readmission in the future, coursework taken at Montclair State should not be repeated at another institution. ***  

Refer to your analysis of academic progress and/or your unofficial transcript on WESS to verify the number of credits that have already been applied to your record (if applicable). The NJ Transfer website provides extensive information about the 15 credit and GPA thresholds. Suspended students who fulfill this requirement may become eligible for a conditional readmit-from-action status which is granted only to students who demonstrate that they're prepared to succeed academically.

Students who return to Montclair State with conditional readmit-from-action status must earn a term GPA of 2.0 or higher in the first semester back. The student then moves to academic-monitoring status which, in turn, grants one more term to raise the cumulative GPA to 2.0 or higher. Students with academic-monitoring status who do not raise their cumulative GPAs to a 2.0 or higher are dismissed.

There is an appeal process for students who are placed on academic suspension. However, appeals are not approved automatically, and as standard practice, are granted only for extremely mitigating circumstances that can be documented.

Students suspended from the University for academic reasons will have a notation placed on their transcript. If the student reenrolls, remains in good academic standing and completes the requirements for graduation, the student may request removal of the notation at the time he/she files for graduation. Requests must be submitted to the Office of the Provost. The Provost, in consultation with other University officials, will make the final decision regarding removal of the notation.


Students on academic monitoring status who do not raise their GPAs to a 2.0 or higher are dismissed from Montclair State University. Dismissed students cannot enroll in Montclair State courses and cannot apply for re-admission.

There is an appeal process for dismissed students. Students dismissed from the University for academic reasons will have a notation placed on their transcript. The notation is permanent.