First Year Student Enrollment

To assist in making a smooth transition to life as a Red Hawk, all newly admitted first-year students are pre-enrolled in courses for their first semester. All schedules are created by an academic advisor and in consultation with your academic department.

  • Undeclared/Discovery students will have an opportunity to speak and/or meet with an academic advisor prior to, or after, their Red Hawk 411 orientation program.

  • Students with declared majors will be able to speak with a department representative and/or academic advisor during, and after, their Red Hawk 411 orientation program.

  • Students in special programs, i.e., Educational Opportunity Fund Program (EOF), Health Careers, etc. should reach out directly with those departments.

Please complete the First-Year Student Enrollment Questionnaire at:

You will take an enrollment questionnaire where you will be asked you to assess your writing skills, let us know what pre-college courses you have taken (if any), what course areas you are interested in taking at Montclair State University and what your academic goals are at the institution. Completion of this step is required and will assist the academic advisor in preparing your Fall 2017 course schedule.

The Enrollment Questionnaire must be completed by June 1st.  You will not be registered for classes until it has been completed. Students will be notified when their Fall 2017 schedule has been completed and will receive additional information about academic advising at that time.

On the questionnaire, you will have an opportunity to list any pre-college (AP exams or dual enrollment college courses, you have taken; or plan to take).  It is important to list this information so that you are not enrolled in a course for which you may potentially earn credit at Montclair State.

What are Learning Communities?

You do not have to go through your first semester alone! Montclair State University embraces the philosophy of Learning Communities, a group of 10-25 first-year students who take 3 - 4 courses together.  These communities are based on major and/or academic interest.

Most Learning Communities consist of a required New Student Seminar class (emphasizing the academic and social skills necessary in transitioning to college) and 2-3 courses that fulfill General Education or Major requirements.

Learning Communities for students in the various discovery tracks will include courses that provide opportunities for gaining a deeper knowledge of the track and allow for the start of the major exploration process.

Placement Tests (refer to your New Student Checklist, STEP 5, and/or the links below)

Math and Chemistry Placement

Language Placement

The language placement test will assess your current knowledge of a language that you either took in High School or are fluent in. The placement test is taken in order to test out of the language requirement or to be placed at a higher level than the beginner courses.

All students that wish to continue the same language taken in high school will have to take the placement test. If you are starting a new language that you have not taken before, the placement test is not required.

Writing placement

You will self-identify the writing course you will enroll in for your first semester and enter your selection on the First-Year Course Enrollment Questionnaire.  Please see the Department of Writing Studies website for more information:

OR email specific questions to:

Register for the Red Hawk 411 Orientation Program