Learning Communities

Are you wondering if you'll get to know anyone in your classes during your first semester? Do you like studying with other people? Do you want to meet people with the same interests as you? If so, Learning Communities are just for you!

Why does Montclair State University offer Learning Communities?

Adjusting to the demands of your courses, making new friends, and finding your niche at college can be challenging. Learning Communities make it easier for first-year students to form connections with classmates and faculty. Students who have participated in a Learning Community report that it helped them to be more successful in their classes, eased their transition to MSU, and helped them to form friendships.

What is a Learning Community?

A cluster of 3 - 4 courses that a group of 10-25 first-year students take together.

What are the courses?

  • A required New Student Seminar class emphasizing the academic and social skills necessary in transitioning to college
  • 1-3 courses that fulfill General Education or major requirements

Is the Learning Community my complete fall schedule?

No, you will select about two additional classes to create a complete fall schedule.

Who is Eligible for a Learning Community?

Nearly every first-year student is eligible for a Learning Community.

Most students who have selected a major take part in Learning Communities with courses specific to their majors.

Discovery/Undeclared students participate in Learning Communities that reflect the theme of their Discovery track.  These communities are comprised of required General Education courses.