Academic Advising Alerts

The best way to raise an academic advising concern about a student is to reach out directly to his or her advisor--this can be done through the Starfish software. Each student has a folder in Starfish that includes a feature referred to as the student's Network. The student's Network consists of each of her/his instructors and advisors and you can view the Network of any student in each of the courses you teach. So in the event that there has been an attendance issue, or any signs of academic struggles which you'd like the student's advisor to be aware of, you can make that connection with the click of a few links. A word or two about the titles "Professional Advisor" and Departmental Advisor" and what they signify within Starfish:

    1.    Departmental Advisors reside in departments
    2.    Professional advisors reside in various advising centers across campus

So here are the basic steps:

1. Go to

2. From your Starfish home screen, click on the students menu:

3. In the Connection menu, select, "All My Students" and, in the search box, search for any student by last name. In lieu of a search, you may also simply scroll through your list of students if the list isn't terribly long.

4. After clicking on the student's name in the list that is produced by your search, the student's folder will appear.  If you click on the "Network" tab in the student's folder, you'll see the list of instructors and advisors referred to as the student's academic success network.  You can email any of the student's professors or advisors from this window, simply by clicking on the "Institution Email" link (sensitive information has been redacted in the image below):

These are the basic steps required to connect with a student's Academic Support Network. There is a great deal more functionality (an online scheduling tool for office hour appointments, Advising notes database, referrals to other Academic Support offices, and extra-curricular "to do lists") that are rather user-friendly--if you are interested in finding out about more of these features, please email:

Dr. Michele Campagna
Executive Director
Center for Advising and Student Transitions 

Additionally, if you have general advising questions not related to a specific student concern, please find contact information for the CAST Advising Liaison to your School or College at the following link: