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Q. What majors are offered? Go back
AMajors are organized into five colleges: Education and Human Services (CEHS), Humanities and Social Sciences (CHS), Science and Mathematics (CSAM), Arts (CART), and Business (SBUS). For a complete list of majors, please visit our Undergraduate Catalog for a complete list of majors offered.

Q. How do I register for Orientation and is it required? Go back
A. All freshmen undergraduate students must attend New Student Orientation. You can visit our New Student Orientation page for more detailed information on the registration process.

Q. Does high school dual enrollment or Advanced Placement coursework count toward my undergraduate degree? Go back
A. MSU accepts credits from appropriate coursework completed in high school. Speak to your Academic Advisor.

Q. How do I register for classes? Go back
A. New students register for classes at Orientation. New students throughout their first year will need to attend a Group Advising session through the Center For Advising and Student Transitions (CAST) office or set up an individual appointment with their Academic Advisor.  All students will be contacted via e-mail as to when the sessions will be held and must RSVP to attend the Group Advising session. Once students have been advised, they may log onto WESS to register for courses.

Q. Are freshmen students required to live on campus? Go back
A. Students can live on campus or off campus. However, a good number of freshmen students do choose to live in on campus housing. Visit the Residence Education & Services FAQ website for more information.

Q. What are the General Education Requirements (2002 Gen Eds)? Go back
A. The General Education Program includes 51-57 semester hours of coursework in various subject areas. For a comprehensive list see following link:

Q. What if I am undecided about a major? Go back
A. Academic Advisors are available to help all undecided students choose a major. Another component of choosing a major is doing career exploration. Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education can help with this process, and they also sponsor a Career Fair every year.

For a look at the majors offered by MSU, please visit our Undergraduate Catalog for a complete list of majors offered.

Q. Does MSU have an Honors Program? Go back
A. MSU does offer an Honors Program for undergraduate students.

Q. How do I find out who my advisor is?Go back
A. You can find out who your advisor is by logging into WESS then you will click on Students>Advisor from the drop down menus. You can then see who your advisor is and their location if published.  Additionally, our search function is also very helpful.

*Students who have completed two or more semesters and have a declared major should contact their faculty advisor.

Q. What do I do if I want to drop a class? Go back
A. First and foremost, students are STRONGLY encouraged to meet with their academic advisor before dropping a class. Students may then drop a class before or within the add/drop period, they must do so via WESS. (Add/Drop period ends after the first week of classes.)  After the add/drop period removing a class is considered a withdrawal which will result in a loss of enrollment fees (prorated) for the the withdrawn class.  To withdraw from a class you must log onto WESS and select the course(s) you wish to withdraw from. Refer to the Schedule of Courses Booklet for more information.

Q. What can I do with my major? Go back
A. See the following Career Development link:
"To see what others have done with different majors"

Q. What do I do if a course I would like to take is closed? Go back
A.  There is no guarantee that you may be added into a particular course, yet there is a procedure to follow to find out if it may be possible for you gain approval to enroll in a closed course. The following process is the sole responsibility of the individual student. First proceed to the following link to the online course schedule making sure to choose the option for the appropriate semester:

WESS Login

If a course is reported to be closed in the online course schedule as is exemplified here:

Course: ENWR-105

















Main Campus 


You then should contact the professor offering the course. We suggest leaving a voice mail with the professor as well as sending the professor an email. In these contacts be sure to communicate your full name and the 5 digit Call Number of the course in which you wish to enroll. You may even want to cut and paste the course off of the web and paste it into the email.

To obtain any MSU professor or staff contact information including their title, phone number, office location and email simply visit the following link and enter the contact's first and last name:

Directory Search

If the professor approves your request to enroll you in a course that is closed, the professor (or department) must enter into the registration system a "Permit". Once the Permit is entered you will then have the ability to log onto WESS and to add the closed course.

Note: If a course does not give a professors name and instead labels the instructor as "staff" you will have to contact the department offering the course.

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