Center for Leadership Development Positions

 The Center for Leadership Development is NOW HIRING for both paid and credit only positions for the 2018-2019 school year! Please click here to apply.

Peer Leadership Presenter (UG & Grad): Primary focus is creating personal/professional development programs to the campus community and holding one on one involvement sessions with students. (5 hours per week)  

Graduate Student Assistant Paid: Primary focus is on coordinating the Co-Curricular Leadership Development Program, presenting programs, supporting/supervising 5 students, coordination of office programs, and marketing. (17-20 hours per week)  

Graduate Student Assistant Credit: Primary focus is on coordinating/advising the National Society of Leadership and Success, presenting programs, working with students one on one, assisting with the Leadership Institute, and student staff training. (8-20 hours per week)  

One on One Involvement Specialist (UG):
Primary focus is reaching out to uninvolved students through hosting info tables, walking up to students in the Student Center, and finding creative ways to get students connected to MSU. (5-8 hours per week)  

Marketing Internship (UG & Grad): 
Primary focus is on coordinating all marking efforts for the office using flyers, social media, website, HawkSync, etc. (17-20 hours per week)  

Graphic Design Internship (UG & Grad): Primary focus is on developing flyers, brochures, website design, HawkSync pages, and posters. (17-20 hours per week)  

Student Leadership Intern (UG): Primary focus is on presenting and/or facilitating programs, assisting with program scheduling, promoting/marketing the leadership minor, holding one on one involvement sessions, and assisting with planning student leadership cross training. (17-20 hours per week) 

Student Office Assistant (UG): Primary focus is on daily office tasks that include filing, hanging up flyers, organizing, helping students walking in for assistance, etc. (5-10 hours per week) 

LDCP Coordinator* (UG & Grad): Primary focus will be on managing the Leadership Development Certiciate Program, tracking progress of members, and scheduling goal driven meetings. (8 hours per week) *This application is not available until March 18th

Please direct all questions to Jillian Ploskonka (‌