Peer Leadership Presenter

Peer Leadership Presenters have the primary role of presenting programs on personal and professional development to student peers. In addition, they will support the Center for Leadership Development office by the marketing of new leadership development programs, creating new student outreach plans, development through workshops (peer to peer programming), and planning programs for all students. 

Qualifications for Eligible Applicants

  • Students must hold a 2.75 GPA or higher
  • Students must be able to give 5 hours per week to this position
  • Students must be able to create and/or edit programs from start to finish and present/facilitate them to their peers
  • Students must be able to present/speak to peers both one on one and in large groups
  • Students must be aware and be able to present 6 one hour workshops/presentations throughout a semester (you will repeat some of your programs at different times)

Expectations/Responsibilities of Being a Peer Leadership Presenter

  • Market programs through creating flyers and promoting them
  • Find new ways to reach out to students to get uninvolved students connected
  • Create programs for the campus based on the needs of our students ( presentations)
  • Serve as a leader and resource for other campus students
  • Reach out to uninvolved students through personal interactions at information tables
  • Determine students needs through post program assessments (surveys)
  • Work out of the Center for Leadership Development and Campus Connections with support from others on your program design and flyer (as needed)
  • Other duties as assigned

Benefits of Being a Peer Leadership Presenter

  • Taking on an advanced leadership position to ultimately further develop your leadership skills
  • The chance to train other leaders through workshops and educational opportunities
  • The opportunity to work behind-the-scenes with The Center for Student Involvement
  • Hourly pay ($8.38) with the possibility for a promotion and a raise after 1 year
  • Resume experience that will make you standout when applying for any position, both on and off campus
  • Extensive training and professional development opportunities
  • The chance to get new students involved on campus
  • Public speaking opportunities
  • The opportunity to learn more about your own abilities and skills

When are applications available?

Applications for the 2017-2018 school year will be available in March/April. Pease check back!

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Leadership Development at

Is there training?

Yes; Training will take place the last week of August