The Personal Empowerment Leadership Series

The Personal Empowerment Leadership Series is a six-part workshop series which goes beyond simply crafting leadership skills. Hosted by John Delate, Executive Director of Residence Life, the PELS will help students of all majors, career fields, and walks of life to grow as people. The series aims to inspire and teach students how to take control of their hectic lives, and become stronger and more confident in the process.

The workshops required are:

1. Empowerment Retreat

2. Mastering Distractions

3. Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence

4. The DiSC Lens

5. Finding Your Passion

6. Seven Laws for Life

If you wish to complete the full series for the certificate, please click here to sign up. If you wish to attend a few workshops, you are more than welcome to do so without the commitment. Workshop dates and locations will be posted on the HawkSync LDCC page.

Email us with questions at