CSI Staff

The staff of the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) are experienced and caring administrators. We have extensive knowledge about student organizations, co-curricular activities, event planning, campus & community resources, and campus policies & procedures.


Mariel Pagán
Director, Center for Student Involvement
(973) 655-7033
Julie Fleming headshot 2017 Julie Fleming
Associate Director for Student Involvement 
(973) 655-7819
Jill Ploskonka headshot Jillian Ploskonka
Assistant Director for the Center of Student Involvement 
& Center for Leadership Development 
(973) 655-6853
Headshot Casey Coleman
Coordinator of Student Activities
(973) 655-3564


Emily Cordero Headshot Emily Cordero
Coordinator for Greek Life 
(973) 655-5485
‌‌Michelle Sauerborn headshot

Michelle Sauerborn
Coordinator for Volunteer Resource Center
(973) 655-5318


Antonio Talamo
Coordinator for Commuter Student Programs and Services
(973) 655-3377

Pamela Elam headshot 2017 Pamela Elam
Office Coordinator
(973) 655-7818

The Center for Student Involvement
Student Center Room 104
(973) 655-7818