Volunteer Tools & Information


The Volunteer Resource Center utilizes noblehour.com. Noble Hour is an online community-driven social platform for schools, non-profits, for-profits and municipalities. Noble Hour helps build community partnerships, increase civic engagement and measure volunteer impact. All members of the MSU community may register to join Noble Hour for free with a valid email address. Following registration, members must join the MSU Volunteer Resource Center community page for listings of service opportunities and events. Here, MSU community members can sign up for service projects with nonprofit agencies. Once signed up, they will be contacted by VRC staff.

Through Noble Hour, you can:

  • Access a local listings of service projects, opportunities, and events
  • View featured opportunities for new and upcoming projects
  • Contribute your own service opportunities
  • Record and verify your service hours
  • Share news and interesting articles

Service Organizations on Campus

Additional Resources

The Volunteer Resource Center recommends using any of the following online databases to find additional service opportunities: Volunteer Match, Jersey Cares, Volunteer Center of Bergen County, and United Way of Northern New Jersey



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