Parking Information

With 16 different parking locations, including a 8-story parking deck commuters have a multitude of options when arriving to campus! Shuttles are available FREE of charge at parking lots located on the outskirts of campus for easy access. Click here for more details on the shuttle service routes. 

Any commuter that plans on driving to campus is required to purchase a parking permit. All permits are virtual, meaning they are linked to your license plate number (no more hangtags or decals!). So, make sure your vehicle information is accurate.


To purchase your permit and for more information please visit the Parking Services website

I Got a Ticket. What now?

Tickets (aka citations) should be paid or appealed online.

Appeals must be made within twenty-one (21) days of the date the ticket is issued.

Get more details in the Regulations.




Students may also download and use the Parker app for live estimates of parking spaces available.